Why We Care About the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Why We Care About the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

No matter where you fit in as a right-wing dissident, the ominous symbolism of the tragedy was probably among your first thoughts on the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. That’s likely a result of some critical character traits that separate us from the average person. Let’s distill those down into 3 broad categories:

An Ability to Place Events in their Proper Context

One of the preeminent edifices of France caught fire at an exigent stage in the life cycle of the nation. A French Islamic majority is projected to emerge within the natural lifespan of a Millennial. Paris itself is degenerating into a violent 3rd world slum where even the Eiffel Tower must be surrounded by a blast barrier. Working-class Frenchmen have been revolting for months against a government which considers them enemies, led by a president who seamlessly combines globalist shill with disgusting sexual deviant. Meanwhile, a large mosque commemorating an Islamic invasion force was recently erected on the battlefield at Tours. For even a casual observer among us, the fire is the simply the most dramatic harbinger of worse to come. However, to a low-info normie, the fire is itself the problem in a country that won last year’s World Cup.

A Predilection for Considering Implications

Did you watch footage of the stunned onlookers in Paris and think to yourself, “If you people think this is bad, just wait”? That’s probably a result of absorbing information such as that contained in the above paragraph and pondering what it spells next. Although the future is permanently opaque, clearly something very bad is on the books. This is probably the result of a congenital tendency that made you a wrong thinker in the first place. Despite the admonitions from mainstream sources of authority, you can’t ignore the implications of reality. It would seem that you’re outnumbered by other people who are able to successfully do what they’ve been told.

An Inability to Embrace Distraction

Do you still have a normal FB account? If so, it’s hard not to notice that the majority of your peers would probably consider the new season Game of Thrones as the definitive event of this week. That’s probably for the same reason they were recently ecstatic about the NCAA basketball tournament. None of that nonsense matters in the course of history, but they can make it matter to them even if it obviously shouldn’t. You simply can’t choose not to care about reality, although you might be happier if you could. This is personal dynamic of which you’re also probably well-aware.

So, here’s what might prove to be the definitive question of our age: When will everyone else start interfacing with reality? If the majority could appreciate the gravity of our collective situation and join in agitating for a dramatic course correction, we’d be able to look forward to a future. History is rife with examples of “extremist” outliers becoming mainstream, so that’s a reason for optimism. Still, at the current rate it’s easy to picture those onlookers watching the entire city of Paris go up in flames.

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