Baltimore’s Dark Secret

Why is Baltimore so dysfunctional? It’s not Democrats, it’s demographics.

Baltimore’s Dark Secret

On Wednesday, Baltimore’s city government was paralyzed by a ransomware attack that could’ve been prevented or at least swiftly remedied by competent IT professionals. In terms of Baltimore problems, it’s really not that big of a deal. The denizens of “Bodymore” have bestowed upon it numerous grisly distinctions. For instance, it dominates in national per capita rankings of robberies, homicides and opioid deaths. The water infrastructure is in a state of perilous decay since it’s customers don’t exactly pay in full.

Egregious incidents abound, from mob attacks on White pedestrians (including families) to pointless mass shootings. Just a couple weeks ago, seven people showed up to a barbecue adjacent to a church and ended up getting served a meal of lead. In terms of residential real estate, nearly 20% of it is empty as the tax base continues to implode in a process that accelerated following the 2015 riots. The mayor back then, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, earned infamy by declaring that her citizens were given “space to destroy.”

She decided against reelection and was replaced by Catherine Pugh the following year. Pugh is now gone amid FBI and IRS investigations pertaining to corruption. Her line of “Healthy Holly” children’s books were purchased as a means to kick back money in return for government healthcare contracts. After initially fleeing amid law enforcement raids while refusing to vacate office, she finally resigned at the beginning of the month. Pugh was following in the tradition established by Shelia Dixon, the city’s first Black, female mayor. She resigned after getting hit with a 12-count indictment for theft, perjury, fraud, and misconduct.

Dixon can be credited with encouraging the white exodus as a city council member by brandishing footwear and shouting at her white colleagues: “You’ve been running things for the last 20 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot.” The Whites who still remain in Baltimore can’t help but notice a pattern. In Weimerica, noticing things gets you half of the way towards losing your job. The final distance can be covered in a mere slip of the lip.

Case in point: the story of “Broadcast Becky,” formerly known as WJZ anchorwoman Mary Bubala. She posed the following question during a discussion on the city’s malaise: “We’ve had three female, African-American mayors in a row…………….. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?” Oh dear. Becky, you were supposed to say “Democrat.” Baltimore is a mess because it’s run by Democrats. Haven’t you ever seen Fox News? Get ready for the breadlines because you’ll never work in front of a camera again.

A couple of things really stand out about Baltimore. The first is geography. It’s on the periphery of the DC Beltway. In good traffic, the drive from Washington is about an hour. In that sense, the city is like a patch of necrotic tissue next to the heart of The Beast. It’s not some war zone in flyover country like Ferguson, Missouri. The elite have to transit through it on the Acela Express between DC and NYC. As a senator, Biden passed through daily on his commute from Wilmington. The rot is visible from the train.

Second, it provides a particularly gruesome illustration of the effect that a significant Black population will have on a municipality. Once this population reaches a critical mass, Whites begin fleeing in response to diminished safety, quality of life, city services, and an increasing tax burden. Their influence wanes with their share of the population until Black politicians hold decisive sway. Murder, mayhem, and decay increase accordingly. That’s what ultimately kills the place. This demographic process is a bit like HIV in metaphorical terms. Across the US, municipalities have been slowly succumbing since the 1960’s.

However, there’s something that approximates a retro-viral drug: Massive Federal Spending. Further south on the Chesapeake Bay is Norfolk, Virginia. Many of its White residents fled for suburbs long ago. It’s also got a high Black population and a very nasty crime rate. Yet, it hasn’t had a Baltimore-style decline because it’s home to the world’s largest naval base. The locals can drive off retailers but not Uncle Sam. He has very deep pockets. Thus, Norfolk will stay alive and functioning as long as he does.

Ultimately, the death of Baltimore is a reminder that 3rd world demographics don’t allow 1st world functionality. None of the tired leftist canards or punishments meted out those who carelessly say what they’re really thinking will fix ugly reality. Without altering the demographics, it’s impossible to save such a city. The only way to do that would be to shift the Blacks to someplace else, killing it instead.

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