ClownWorld Conundrum: Recruiting White Men for Combat

Do you have what it takes to be an XRW? Check the UK MoD’s list to find out.

ClownWorld Conundrum: Recruiting White Men for Combat

A document designed to help British officers identify “Extreme Right Wing” (XRW) soldiers under their command for referral to investigators was recently leaked online. The authenticity was confirmed by the MoD. Here it is:

As you can see, most of it’s highly subjective. In the US, any normie conservative duped by canards like “we’re a nation of immigrants” would still ding at least a quarter of the criteria. The majority of the uproar has been over the first one: Describe themselves as “Patriots”. That’s  at least sufficient to make a Boomer Fox News viewer red with anger.

Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton, the UK’s senior enlisted man, posted a video on Twitter last year: “If you’re a serving soldier or a would-be soldier, and you hold these intolerant and extremist views, as far as I’m concerned, there is no place for you in the British Army – SO GET OUT.

The sincerity of the MoD’s desire to purge these soldiers shouldn’t be questioned. Senior officers wouldn’t be able to achieve their ranks without a compliant disposition towards political mandates. They’re surely on board as well. So, perhaps honesty would be the best policy: It shouldn’t appeal to young (actual) British men to enlist. The size of the ostensible problem will invariably be proportional to their percentage of the armed forces. The less of them, the smaller their XRW 5th column.

Material like this should be used up front for recruiting personnel rather than circulated internally. Is this you? Then don’t bother! Would be a good title for a recruiting poster that could be made out of the pamphlet. It would be great for all the young men who’d be steered away from serving as cannon fodder in wars for Israel, too. Both sides would win.

The only loser would be that ethnostate in a different part of the world. However, any respectable Briton would tell you that ethnonationalism is very hateful sentiment. It’s precisely that of which the MoD seeks to rid itself.

Yet another ClownWorld Conundrum becomes plainly visible. How are forces meant to fight alongside Uncle Sam against Muslims for Israel going maintain combat readiness by ridding itself of soldiers wary of the obvious Islamization of their country? Just in case nobody noticed, the Brits have served as faithful sidekicks on all of our Semitic misadventures. If you’re 100% confident that’s all winding down, listen to VP Pence’s recent speech at West Point where he promised combat (in two hemispheres) to the graduates.

An army is comprised of many units, some of which are more accommodating of diversity than others. Here’s one that’s not: The actual tip of the spear. Combat units in the US and UK are overwhelmingly comprised of White men. Without them, combat will not be taking place. Perhaps a couple broader questions should also be considered:

First: How does the military of a nation with borders open to every miscreant from everywhere, that engages exclusively in combat operations of no benefit to national security, maintain the premise that it’s needed at all?

Second: How does it continue to deceive native recruits into joining for the purpose of defending their country, while also preaching that it’s criminal to desire a country for people like themselves?

These are ongoing dilemmas on both sides of the pond that nobody in charge wants to acknowledge. Meanwhile, they’re facing serious shortages of qualified recruits. If they actually can connect the dots, they’d never admit it.

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