FTN 214: A Little Caaaahredit

FTN 214: A Little Caaaahredit

New product is here. Consume new Enoch and Halberstram product now. Get excited for more new McFeels and Halberstram product on Thursday. If it’s Saturday night, it’s FTN!

h/t to Frontierland for this week’s cover art:

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Episode Topics:

00:10:00 Trump Admin’s Big Iran Meeting at CIA
00:19:00 New SecDef Nom Says “Must get away from border and back to ‘primary mission'”
00:24:00 Rudy’s Ukraine Trip Cancelled
00:28:00 DJT Expresses Intent to Run on Dem Investigations in 2020
00:36:00 Shapiro on the Mat
00:55:00 Tranny Shooter’s Illegal Father
01:08:00 Schadenfreude Suppository
01:22:00 More Horse Trading for Criminal “Dreamers”
01:29:00 AOC Presiding
01:34:00 Atlantic’s Brownstein: Will Whites Stick with AOC/COA?
01:43:00 Biden Abides?
02:00:00 AOC/Bernie Credit Card Plan Wins Tuckah Support
02:12:00 Alfred E. Buttplug
02:15:00 WN boogeyman

Jazzhands McFeels

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