NYC Schools are Teaching Students to Hate White People

NYC Schools are Teaching Students to Hate White People

White = Bad is a concept that finds tremendous emotional resonance with both the Coalition of the Ascendant and Whites who’ve been brainwashed by the J-Left into feeling guilty for the world’s problems. In this regard, it’s every bit useful as it is banal. That’s why it’s best to justify on “feels” alone. If anybody tries to lay out a logical case for making this equivalence it all falls apart immediately, with two chief exceptions.

They can be summed up as follows: disproportionately affects and underrepresented. In both instances, real numbers can be produced to back an assertion. For example, Whites are a majority of the population but a minority of prison inmates. That’s a fact for which one can provide statistical verification. When it comes to the question of why, don’t acknowledge there’s any question at all. Simply declare “racism” and if someone tries to object, “racist.”

The trouble is, White = Bad is rapidly becoming the defining paradigm for hiring top government executives. While sincere in their antipathy, they’re generally not so adept at dishonesty. So, we’re now seeing quite a bit of failed logic splashed about where someone with a decent IQ would’ve never bothered with much in the first place. Instead of sticking to the proven script, they’re going off course with what they think sounds smart.

A prime example would be NYC. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza (recent diversity hire with no comparable experience for his position) has launched a fresh campaign against “White Supremacy Culture” in a city where the white percentage of public school students has declined to barely 15%.  He’s already generated lawsuits by demoting administrators for being White.

Of course, he’s also dispensed lucrative contracts to diversity consultants for purging “whiteness” from the city DOE. With their assistance, a mandatory  indoctrination program is underway for all personnel. The NY Post recently obtained a PPT slide from some of this training and added annotations:

What we can see here is the result an attempt to take White = Bad and to flesh it out into something complicated. Most White teachers who actually try to make sense out of it will either be bewildered or irritated. The underlying problem is that everything listed to define “white supremacy culture” could just as easily be attributed to everything from Multiculturalism to Zionism and beyond. For instance, characteristic 7, “Paternalism” even applies to your car when it beeps if you don’t buckle the seat belt.

Much of it’s comprised of blatant contradictions. Most notably, the first characteristic is “perfectionism,” yet the forth is “Quantity over Quality.” There’s nothing coherent to take away from any of this crap. The name in the citation at the bottom “Okun” is evocative of a Nigerian witch doctor. It’s actually that of a Jewish diversity profiteer.

When you sit enough people down at conference tables to waste their time with this nonsense, some of them are going to get sufficiently frustrated to start complaining. Remember, the folks in this story don’t work for Google like James Damore. The NYC DOE is comprised of unionized government employees who can’t simply be fired for expressing dissatisfaction with the logical inconsistencies of their vilification. That’s what’s going on right now.

For the sake of NYC, it’s a shame that El Jefe couldn’t have hired a consultant to explain to him why declaring war against the supremacy of people who’ve already been defeated is counterproductive. Whites are no longer in charge of the schools and comprise a small minority of the student body. However, White faculty are critical to maintaining some ongoing semblance of education.

Presiding over a classroom of Ascendants is often an unpleasant, demoralizing, and physically dangerous task. Teachers already have enough reasons to get upset and walk away. That’s especially true if they’re young, intelligent, and have decades between themselves and a pension (NYC’s schools are in horrendous shape already). Antagonism like this is provides further incentive to walk away.

By launching a campaign of which the only tangible result can be to drive off capable faculty,Carranza is unwittingly prosecuting a war against the functionality of the school system itself. It sure is a shame, but besides the sheer size of NYC, there’s nothing really remarkable about this policy in Weimerica. Teaching is becoming an endeavor pursued by people who don’t have better options.

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