The Curious Case of Mike Rosenberg

Is there a single Jewish journalist who isn’t a complete hypocrite?

The Curious Case of Mike Rosenberg

On Sunday, journalist Mike Rosenberg of the Seattle Times, the most widely-circulated newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, became embroiled in scandal after it was revealed that he had sent sexually explicit messages to a fellow journalist on Twitter. Rosenberg, who has since either deleted or deactivated his account, sent a number of messages back-to-back to freelance journalist Talia Jane. While initially innocuous and industry-focused, Rosenberg’s messages soon took a bizarre turn:

Rosenberg attempted to apologize, claiming that the message was meant for someone else, while Ms. Jane proved skeptical of his claim. Things escalated from there, eventually coming to the hilarious point of Rosenberg promising to make a $1,000 donation to NOW (the National Organization for Women) if Jane would agree not to publish his messages or contact his employer.

“Wrong move,” she tweeted, after publicizing her exchange with Rosenberg. “Women are not toys. We certainly should not be played with and efforts to manipulate us will not be tolerated. Live with your choices.”

Following the messages between the two being made public, the Seattle Times issued the following statement:

“Earlier today, The Seattle Times was made aware of allegations of sexual harassment against a news employee. We have suspended the employee pending an investigation by our human resources group. As this is a personnel matter, we will have no further comment on this at this time.”

Relatively little is known about Rosenberg as of yet, other than the list of previous employers listed on his LinkedIn page, as well as the fact that he is a (now-suspended) board member of the Western Washington chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. However, anyone with functioning eyesight can see that Rosenberg conforms to an archetype that has become well-known within the past few years: he’s the skinnyfat, unattractive, boilerplate liberal type that infests every major Western city, especially the extremely progressive cities of the American West Coast.

Most importantly, of course, is that Rosenberg is Jewish, a salient feature given just how many prominent Jews in the media and entertainment industries have landed in similar hot water in the #MeToo era. The Semitic Spectrum encompasses bigwigs like Harvey Weinstein on one end and irrelevant creepy journalists like Rosenberg on the other, but there’s no denying that these men’s distinctly Jewish personalities are intrinsic to their real nature. While masquerading as tolerant male feminist liberals, they invariably turn out to be the most vile sexual deviants and genuine misogynists around. In fact, the correlation between public displays of dogmatic male feminist bullshit and sexually abusive and deviant behaviors is so strong, it now borders on becoming an established rule, which might be formulated like this:

The more vociferously a liberal male claims to support women’s rights, feminism, ending the wage gap, etc., the more likely he is to be eventually outed for sexual harassment, abuse, pedophilia, and other degenerate behaviors.

Like so much of liberal, and especially Jewish dogma, things can always be traced back to projection.

Given the hysteria that this episode has generated among female Twitter users thus far, along with the damage it’s causing to the Seattle Times’ reputation, Rosenberg is likely to be axed from his position. But we shouldn’t be too concerned with our buddy Mike. He’s one of the Tribe, so is sure to have a job waiting for him in some editorial office in a major American city. And if things get really bad, he can always learn to code, right?

Some might express concern that this whole episode is just another example of a leftist lynch mob mentality too often employed against anyone on our side who posts an even mildly politically incorrect opinion online. But the Left didn’t have to go down this road, it’s their own fault that some of their own are now falling victim to the same horrible system they created for the purpose of destroying the lives of their political opponents. They made their bed, and we should do all we can to make sure that they lie in it.

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