The Great Replacement Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Expensive

The Great Replacement Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Expensive

The world is rife with loathsome questions to ponder. Here’s one you should never waste a second fretting over: Is the (((Globalist))) vision of our future actually viable? In other words: Is it possible for Western nations to be flooded with 3rd world populations and still function as such? Distilled into its most succinct form: Can White people be replaced? The obvious answer is: Absolutely Not.

If you ever find yourself confronting a sophist attempting to make the opposite implication, there’s a massive body of evidence at your disposal. However, it’s important to stay current because it’s constantly getting churned out in cold numbers, and often by entities who’d rather stay silent on the matter. That makes it much harder for your adversary to dismiss out of hand.

Here’s a couple examples from just this week. First, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance. Through a document released last week, it’s disclosing that federal expenditures on “helping to integrate more than one million refugees and fighting the root causes of migration abroad” topped 23 billion euros in 2018. That’s up 11% from the previous year.

Of course, the true cost was much higher. This figure doesn’t seem to include everything spent by its 16 states and all of their municipalities. It simply includes 7.5 billion euros disbursed to them by the federal government for migrant purposes, a 14% increase. Also, don’t expect any price tag to get attached to the imported rape, murder and mayhem.

The point to be made out of this figure is that it’s a self-refutation of the contention made by German leaders that migration is necessary. Just a few years ago, the invitational invasion was being touted by everyone from Chancellor Merkel to the NYT as a masterstroke of statesmanship. It was billed as a policy that combined a humanitarian imperative with a solution to the problem of how Germany’s economy could be kept running and pensions funded despite a declining native population.

Just a few years later, the government that imposed this calamity has no choice but to demonstrate that the deluge is actually making their fiscal issues dramatically worse. Unless some fantastic human alchemy takes place that converts the invaders into intelligent, peaceful, and productive Germans, the deficits will continue to expand each year.

Next, let’s look at another nightmare: California. Governor Gavin Newsom is celebrated for championing illegal immigrants and sanctuary state policies. Yet, when a Latina state senator introduced a bill to provide all of them over the age of 19 with medical insurance at an estimated annual cost of 3.4 billion dollars, he was forced to bring up reality.

According to Newsom, “There’s 3.4 billion reasons why it is a challenge.” Here’s the man who probably serves as his fiscally-doomed state’s final White governor making an implicit admission that illegal immigrants are a burden it can’t afford. This is a direct contradiction of his rhetoric about how these parasites are so beneficial to the economy, because if that were the case, the cost of insuring them wouldn’t be so deleterious to the budget.

The majority of Whites across the globe are petrified of being condemned as racists, which is a powerful factor in keeping them complacent. Still, it makes it a lot easier for them to remain silent if they’re also deceived into believing that there’s a fiscal benefit to their dispossession. Using the revelations provided by the people in charge is the best way to defeat such rhetoric.

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