“Ain’t Nobody Gonna Vote Fo You!”

Democrat fiascoes are more entertaining than Trump’s empty promises.

“Ain’t Nobody Gonna Vote Fo You!”

The Republican Party is defined by a voter base that consists of a single race, and strong adherence to a party orthodoxy that rejects the interests of the average person of this race, which is rapidly becoming a minority. In the party’s vital electoral strongholds like Texas, they’re already a minority.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party’s pool of voters grows larger by the day. The Jewish oligarchy that controls media and online discourse is firmly on their side. Google is committed to spending enormous sums make sure that Republicans can’t win another election like they did in 2016. Facebook has also dedicated significant resources to suppression.

So, prognosticating about the 2020 Red vs Blue struggle should be a simple endeavor, like betting on Mike Tyson vs Journeyman Nobody back in the day. Maybe not even worth doing.

However, we’re still speculating on a political battlefield, the uncertainty of which can be summed up as follows: How does one form a cavalry charge out of a clusterfuck? The Democrats are having a pretty tough time doing so, and it’s still an open question if they ever will.

Buttigieg is one entertaining example. He had the audacity to enter into the race after judging (perhaps correctly) that there could be something on the ticket for a White homosexual if everyone realizes during the debates that it’s time to put Grandpa Biden in an assisted living facility. Although, he’s got to score enough in the primaries to make that a possibility.

“Mayor Pete” seems to be an effective moniker with White progressives looking for something fresh. The problem is that he needs to appeal to a group of people who judge by instinct and lack the average IQ to get brainwashed into any other agenda.

Blacks are a very important constituency when it comes to Democratic primaries. That’s why reparations get brought up and then the matter gets dropped once the ticket is chosen. Do they notice a pattern? It must be rather frustrating if that’s the case.

To the average Black voter, he’s precisely what he appears to be: A creepy and furtive White guy who has sex with men. That’s quite an impediment because they’re not thinking of him and feeling warm about the implications of having a gay “first” for the USA. He just is what he is, not an abstract idea of how our nation could demonstrate progress.

The recent shooting of a Black criminal in South Bend by a police officer might mark the implosion of his bid. The whole incident is just more of the usual nonsense we’ve been seeing for years. What’s hilarious is watching clips of Mayor Pete trying to calmly and respectfully explain that he respects their concerns, but um, the law requires due process guys. Good luck calming down an irate, obese Black woman with that blather.

There’s no reasoning with the human equivalent of an asteroid belt. Once he showed up to meet with BLM, the only thing he could’ve done to placate them was to put a stake in the ground, start stacking wood around it, get a match, and call for the cop to be brought forth. After the summary execution, he still wouldn’t have earned their votes.

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