FTN 220: Multilegal Judeo Jedi Mind Tricks

FTN 220: Multilegal Judeo Jedi Mind Tricks

McFeels and Halberstram check in on the latest developments with the Mexico tariffs, including the escalation by the GOP as the usual intra-administration levers for reigning in blormpf have failed, for now. Meanwhile, the tits on a tranny metaphor for the wall has been made even more appropriate by Trump’s wrapping himself in a rainbow flag and going full globohomo. Then Kushner’s mask slips on Palestine, Bannon gets evicted from his Judeo Jedi temple, AOC calls out white Dems, the debate stage hits 20, Biden blunders, and finally the bulbhead crime blotter in Little Mogadishu (Minneapolis). If it’s Thursday, it’s FTN!

Listen here: https://therightstuff.biz/2019/06/05/ftn-220-multilegal-judeo-jedi-mind-tricks/

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – This is An Escalation
00:23:00 – Dems Cuck on Immigration? Nah.
00:55:00 – Kushner Threatens Palestine
01:08:00 – The C Question
01:17:00 – Albion Dispatches
01:24:00 – Bannon’s Judeo Jedi Eviction
01:54:00 – AOC Calls Out White Dems
02:00:00 – Debate Stage Hits 20
02:02:00 – Biden Blunders
02:25:00 – Bulbhead Blotter
02:30:00 – Outro


Jazzhands McFeels

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