There’s Plenty of Peril in a Promise

When the Democrats have no excuses, it’s time to get worried.

There’s Plenty of Peril in a Promise

A downside to complete political power is the inability to make credible excuses for why things are not getting done that could be getting done. This becomes a real problem when the thing in question was promised in order to win an election. If it’s something people really need, that’s when politicians find themselves confronting a four-alarm fire.

This is an actual matter of substantive difference between the two parties, and thus a quite a rare thing here in Weimerica. First, the Republicans. The loser party is well on its way to national irrelevance perhaps as early as 2022 when the Senate becomes vulnerable to a blue takeover.

Back in 2016, Trump unexpectedly delivered the Presidency and control of Congress. This was an inflection point in which the party he’d hijacked could’ve cooperated to deliver his (feasible) promises, such as establishing a southern border. In doing so, they might’ve remained relevant for a couple more decades by pivoting with the nascent political realignment of White America.

Instead, they basically refused. The Republicans were guaranteed to lose elections for a failure to build a wall or even demonstrate credible evidence of a strengthened border. They promptly lost the House last year while managing to retain the Senate largely for structural reasons. It’s not as if they didn’t see it coming. The party leadership in safe seats simply decided that winning majorities wasn’t worth the backlash from their donors.

The Democrats don’t take this approach, which is why they’re inexorably moving towards a national monopoly on political power. When Obama came into office with the same full sweep back in 2008, he made a signature promise: national healthcare. That was his wall. In stinging contrast to Trump, his party obliged since this was what their voters demanded and no excuses were available.

Herein lies the problem for the Democrats: Their base seeks the finest socialism a 1st world nation can proffer, yet their lock on power is the product of a brown influx from the 3rd world. A border fortification is a trivial matter by comparison.

The Affordable Care Act was fated to be a catastrophe from the moment Obama was elected. Setting aside the incredible corruption and convolution of our system, there’s just no way the economy and human capital of the US could provide everyone with adequate healthcare for an acceptable price.

In attempting the impossible, the Democrats ended up doing a great deal of damage. This becomes an existential threat when they’re in such a majority that Republicans can’t even obstruct the legislative process. This doesn’t apply to the whole country just yet, but we’ve got an ominous preview in California. Medi-Cal has just been extended to all illegals from age 19 to 25.

In a state that’s waged a rabid struggle to prevent an inventory of its illegal denizens, somehow this is supposed to be a mere 100,000 people. All for a pittance, too. Only 98 million dollars has been budgeted. There’s also the small issue of an endless flow across our open border. Plus, anybody who’d seep in from stingier states, of which there’s 49.

It seems destined to prove quite an exorbitant tab in a land fled by beleaguered White taxpayers for years. In fact, CA is the national leader in outmigration. Much of the middle class is already gone. The government claims a surplus, but that’s the result of chicanery on a grand scale.

Here’s a couple examples to illustrate: CA has over a trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities alone, while infrastructure is in horrendous shape. For instance, the ASCE  gives the roads a “D” rating. A thick book would be required to cover it all, but suffice to say the place is a fiscal time bomb.

What could happen once the Democrats hold total sway over national politics? Pay close attention to what happens in CA for a slight preview.

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