They Couldn’t Get Anybody Else?

The debates are a reminder that the Democrats really could have done better for themselves.

They Couldn’t Get Anybody Else?

It’s hard not to watch the debased spectacle that is the Democratic primary and wonder to oneself why, given the current abundance of sociopaths, couldn’t anyone better have been dredged up. Obama was manufactured out of nowhere, so why aren’t they trying something like that again?

Roughly a dozen years ago, it was easy to wonder how exactly the American people could be mollified into accepting the continuance of war for the Jewish ethnostate, financial chicanery on an existential scale, and mass migration that harmed every normal person, White or Black.

Thus, it seemed as if a political crisis would eventually arrive because an enormous percentage of Americans were fed up with what George W. Bush was selling. It was also readily apparent that he was moron. So, the average person could intuit that he was being used as the face of someone else’s agenda.

8 years after Bush took office, “antisemitism” was exponentially higher. The insanity and destruction of the War on Terror made it impossible not to notice things. Some people began to connect dots and seek out samizdat for more information. In the very least, it seemed as if more wars wouldn’t be tolerated.

So, the Republicans choose John McCain, an elderly warmonger who campaigned for more war. Meanwhile, Barack Obama got the Democratic nomination. Nobody had even heard of him just a few years earlier. He was young, fit, charismatic, and articulate with “no negro dialect.” He promised people things that they needed, like healthcare, rather than WW3.

The choice was obvious because “Hope and Change” felt really good to people who were exasperated and he provided a welcome contrast to McCain. The 2008 election was a shining example of “The Kosher Sandwich” in which both choices presented to the American people will produce results that they don’t want. It was almost as if the whole thing was rigged from the start.

Under Obama, the wars expanded into Eastern Europe, Libya, and Syria, while our borders remained open and the national asset stripping operation led by Goldman Sachs continued. However, Obama was there to sell it, and because so many people felt that he was an intelligent and moral leader, many were conned.

He was able to instill a great deal of complacency. The reaction to the Wall Street bailouts and the dramatic expansion of conflicts would’ve been much worse if Hillary Clinton had gotten her turn back in 2008. He deserves a golden statue in Tel Aviv for his service.

Lots of people adored him, and really wanted him to be president on an emotional level. He could probably still get elected right now. There’s no one in the primary who comes close to that guy, which is going to be a big problem for them.

Take the closest approximation to then-candidate Obama: Senator Corey Booker. In addition to behaving like a jackass and being an obvious homosexual, he looks wild-eyed crazy. It’s easy to get taken aback by his facial expressions alone. Last night, he made an angry declaration about how we need to stop lynching black trans people and did some blathering in poor Spanish. “Hope And A Sex Change” just doesn’t work.

It’s hard not to see Trump getting on stage with any one of these people and running through them like shit through a goose. The Democrats don’t need someone who can use their Spanish skills to alienate English speakers of all races, they need someone who can beat Trump by appealing to Obama’s coalition.

It’s really quite shocking that they haven’t tried to find themselves another Obama especially since they didn’t even have to choose from the current slate of politicians. Trump himself had never held office before. There must be somebody out there in the corporate world.

The 2020 election is going to be all about hatred for Trump, not enthusiasm for whoever the Democrats select. Are people fed up with him enough to vote for some other uninspiring/distasteful candidate, or simply stay home? How any of these people would preside over a dying nation is also an open question. We’ll have to wait and see.

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