Bathing in Whiteness

Bathing in Whiteness

I’m always amazed at non-whites’ efforts to deconstruct whiteness. They try really hard to convince us that the white race isn’t really a “thing.” In our circles, we sometimes find ourselves agreeing on some things with leftists, but for all the wrong reasons. Being cognizant of that, I wanted to understand the left’s position on inexistent whiteness. Are they getting at something real with fallacious reasoning, as they often do?

First, let’s get the obvious fallacy out of the way: white deconstruction is pushed specifically to white people. In other words, our enemies instinctively know that there is such a thing as the white race, otherwise they would not know who to promote that message to. Yet, their contradiction makes total sense to them.

Having looked at how foreigners assert their identity, and how whites assert their identity, I have become convinced that we are merely speaking past each other. I think that what our enemies really mean when they question whiteness is that there is no explicit white identity, except for on the “fringe” right. In essence, they question whiteness and—from a majority of whites—they see no explicit assertions of white identity, in response. In turn, our enemies mistake unresponsiveness as white people being a blank slate – the absence of identity. To contrast, every other race is “in your face” about how different and proud they are; they showcase, beautify, and glorify their distinguishing features and they explicitly associate those distinguishing features with their identity group.

Basically, our enemies view the willingness to explicitly assert identity as a prerequisite to the existence of race. With that perspective in mind, it makes sense that if someone holds that view of race, then the white race is reduced to just skin color and national identity to nothing more than a passport. However, we all know why white people don’t assert their identity in explicit ways. If they do, the elites will crack down on them. Instead, whites have to assert their identity in implicit and passive ways, such as the “white flight” phenomenon or supporting causes that are proxies for whiteness, such as anti-immigration, anti-war, and anti-globalism.

The problem with implicitly asserting white identity is that we are relegated to only being against things, as opposed to pushing in favor of white interests. If you notice what causes normie whites support, it’s always anti-something. In our circles, we have been aware of that pattern for a while now, and we have correctly concluded that we have to combat the elites’ efforts to deconstruct whiteness.

So far, one of the major strategies to asserting the existence of the white race has been to talk about genetics. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but exposing genetic clusters and human biodiversity has outlived its purpose. Genes are merely a proof of there being a biological basis for the population group being identified with, but they are not a way to assert identity among average people and certainly not among non-whites (who literally don’t care about genes even if they are woke on the subject). Not only are there IQ barriers to understanding genetics, but there are also social barriers to race realism that make it unpalatable to a broad audience. Effectively, “muh genes” only works with geniuses and autistes and it has gotten us very far, but there are only so many of those kinds of people.

In an effort to expand our base, we need to look at how the perception of whiteness as a blank slate came to be. Indeed, the elites may have served as the amplifiers of that meme, but they are not the originators of it. Instead, that meme originated as a natural result of one of the inherent properties of all memes, which is that most memes become less relevant with time (i.e. memes “decay”). In turn, cultures that fail to replace or update the decaying memes they are composed of will themselves decay. The more that a culture decays, the less distinguishable it becomes from materialism – a blank slate. I think that is what our enemies really mean when they question the existence of the white race. They mean that white culture has decayed to the point of actually being a blank slate.

The problem is simple to understand, and simple to solve. We do replace and update our decaying memes, but when we do, we simply don’t advertise them as white memes. That leaves us with a decaying white culture, and on the side, a soup of new memes with an ambiguous identity. To contrast, non-whites explicitly take ethno-racial credit for their cultural output, whether they are artists or intellectuals. Rap is not music, it’s black music. Muay Thai is not a martial art, it’s a Thai martial art. Quantum physics is not science; it’s Jewish science. Only white people refuse to take ethno-racial credit for the cultural output of their ancestors. Can we really blame foreigners and normie whites for viewing whiteness as a blank slate or “just a skin color”?

The best way to combat the “Blank Slate Theory” is to put the word “white” in front of every white meme ever, in order to explicitly make it clear that it’s a white thing, it’s our thing, and we don’t expect foreigners to get it. We need to advertise our cultural output and publicly bathe in our own whiteness. Mozart didn’t compose symphonies, he composed white symphonies. Calculus isn’t math, it’s white math. Renaissance paintings aren’t art, they’re white art. Modeling contests aren’t about beauty, they’re about white beauty. World’s Strongest Man isn’t about strength, it’s about white strength.


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