FTN 233: Placebo President

FTN 233: Placebo President

McFeels and Ethnarch unpack the effort to target 3 long-time Jewish members of Congress in the NYC area in the latest episode of Justice Dems vs. the Left Bun of the Kosher Sandwich and how it ties in directly with Wednesday’s Mueller flop (2 montages this week). Then it’s DOJ’s big smoke and mirrors tech probe, Boris Johnson’s clown act, Trump as the placebo president where all white pills are actually sugar pills, Buttplug’s Gramscian roots, Epstein updates, Bottom of the Stack, the Pozzing of Cracker Barrel, and very late-breaking Epstein news. If it’s Thursday, it’s FTN!

Listen here: https://therightstuff.biz/2019/07/25/ftn-233-placebo-president/

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Justice Dems v. Kosher Sandwich
00:38:00 – Mueller Flop
00:56:00 – DOJ Faux Tech Probe
01:14:00 – Mueller Montage #2 Intermission
01:16:00 – Boris’ Brexit Bust
01:32:00 – Placebo President
01:56:00 – Buttplug’s Gramscian Roots
02:06:00 – Epstein Update
02:26:00 – Bottom of the Stack
02:36:00 – The Pozzing of Cracker Barrel
02:44:00 – Late-Breaking Epstein News

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