I Grew Up in a Segregated Southern Neighborhood

It was nice.

I Grew Up in a Segregated Southern Neighborhood

The neighborhood that I grew up in was about as segregated as you can get. There were zero black or Latino kids in my neighborhood and I don’t remember even seeing a black or Latino kid until I started going to school. I didn’t even know what a “Latino” was until probably High School, even though I had a Latino friend in Middle School. For leftists, this is probably somewhat shocking. In their minds, every single white person who lives in a segregated area in the South must have been raised to be an absolute racist who hates all non-whites. The truth is, whites and non-whites in my area actually got along pretty well. I can never remember there being a single time when there was any kind of racial incident at my school. The few black and Latino kids who went to my schools mostly kept to themselves but when they didn’t, they were treated well by the majority white population. I can’t even remember race being an issue in my middle school and high school. No one even made a comment about the fact that I had a Latino friend and as I became a leftist in High School and started getting black friends, no one particularly cared about that either. I grew up in an all white neighborhood, in an over 90% white county, attended school at 90 to 95 percent white schools and race relations were about as smooth as anywhere I’ve ever seen.

I feel the need to talk about my own background because the issue of segregation and busing have recently come back to the fore within the Democratic Party and within the left wing intelligentsia. If the Kamala Harris / Joe Biden confrontation had ended on the debate stage that night, then I probably wouldn’t be writing this piece but it appears that the Left have decided to take this issue of busing back up again. The New York Times ran a major article titled “It Was Never About Busing” that blamed white people and specifically white racism for the failure of busing and then the New York Times Podcast, the Daily, did a whole podcast talking with the author of that article about the issue of busing. It seems clear that the Left want to make some sort of push back towards busing. Not because they actually believe in the policy, they couldn’t care less. But because it is emotionally gratifying for them. They can blame the failure of a great liberal policy on evil white people and racism, they can signal that they are better than those evil white racists of the past, and they can pretend as if it is still 1950 and pretend as if we live in a time when integration hasn’t already been tried and failed.

This new push for busing is very foolish on the part of the Left. What we have seen is that white people are perfectly happy to accept our own decline and death as long as most of us don’t have to deal with any of the consequences of it. If middle class and upper middle class whites can send their kids to mostly white schools and live in mostly white neighborhoods, then they are perfectly happy to decry the evils of racism while never having to interact very much with non-whites. In other words, as long as wealthier whites can live in a world of contradiction and hypocrisy, then the ideology of the system can continue. But the minute that middle class and upper middle class white parents have to send their children to the ghetto across town, then you have a very different situation. This is not just my opinion. Studies done in the white suburbs of Boston showed that having three Latinos ride the trains in that area for a week made the residents of that suburb go from having liberal views on immigration to having the most far right views on immigration that you are allowed to have. The only thing that pushes whites in a more right wing direction on race is being forced to interact with non-whites and almost any time there is a mass interaction between whites and non-whites, it is almost always forced. If the US government were not chopping up school districts to make white kids go to non-white schools or using the Department of Housing and Urban Development to move non-whites into white areas, then whites would only ever live in white neighborhoods. Thus every new push for diversity requires government force and every time the government uses force to push whites and non-whites together, “racism” is the result. If you want whites to be liberal and to have anti-racist views, let us live in all white areas.

Growing up in a segregated area in the South was a pleasant experience for me. Life outside of school was actually exceedingly pleasant. Basically everything that the Alt Right and researchers like Robert Putnam have said about homogeneous societies is true. My community was very high trust. I felt I could go to any house in my neighborhood if I needed to and I would be safe at that house because everyone knew everyone else. I was picked up from school several times by people in my neighborhood, I have hitched rides from strangers who were driving through my neighborhood, and I’ve spent hours playing in the woods in my neighborhood and never for a moment did it even enter into my mind that I might be in danger from doing any of that. In terms of school, the kids that I knew generally felt free to both learn and have fun because they knew that their schools were a safe place.

A 90 / 10 arrangement, 90% white and 10% non-white, worked best for everyone.  White students were able to go to school in a safe and happy environment and intelligent non-white students were able to excel because they weren’t surrounded by the chaos of non-white schools.  But, we are told by the Left that my school represented the height of evil and white supremacy.  We are told that it would have been far better if black students from urban areas hours away from here had been bused in. We are made to believe that it would have been better for my school to have its smooth racial relations upset, to have a drastic rise in racially related incidents and fights, to have racial cooperation and friendliness replaced by racial strife and division, and to have a system that worked well for white and black students replaced by a system that worked well for no one. In the eyes of the mostly Jewish racial Left, it is better that the system be good for no one than that it be good for whites.

The only viable path to combating racial hatred and violence is to allow whites to live in our own communities. Letting whites have self determination and the ability to live in all white communities would immediately lessen those feelings of racial hatred and racial tension. It certainly did for me.  I had exceedingly liberal views on race until I got into the hostile environment of the America university, in which one is attacked for their race on an almost daily basis. Ceasing this endless campaign of anti-white hatred in the media and ending the forced integration of whites with non-whites would immediately put an end to most feelings of racism in America. But that would mean that whites would flourish again and ,for a certain group of people, the flourishing of whites must be stopped by any means necessary.

Eric King

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