We Should Return to Bare-Knuckle Boxing

How the sport of boxing was perverted from its European, bare-knuckle roots to the Afro-centric sport of today.

We Should Return to Bare-Knuckle Boxing

I was watching a video by retired MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, where he said, “I grew up watching boxing, but no one actually does it.” I immediately thought to myself, “That’s because you’re white, Chael. You likely had white friends.” Modern boxing is a black sport. It is a version of white traditional bare knuckle boxing that the elites perverted by changing the rules to favor Africans. No self-respecting white man should bother with modern boxing anymore. Whites should stick to MMA for general fighting, or bare knuckle boxing if they really want to be a boxer.

Nationalists should absolutely care about bare knuckle boxing. Bare knuckle boxing isn’t just a fad. It is a return to European roots. Unlike modern boxing, bare knuckle boxing isn’t a fake sport; it’s a white sport, specifically from the British Isles, in the 17th century. For almost 300 years, they idea that the sport would be dominated by non-whites was laughable.  It’s not like they didn’t have diversity or anything; on the contrary, whites simply beat them consistently. It’s that simple. By the mid-20th century, blacks began to dominate the sport. What changed?

1. Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves significantly changed the game. In fact, it is the reason as to why boxers no longer use the Irish stance (with the lead hand stretched further out). “Fighting Irish,” as it’s called, is a boxing style meant for when the majority of hard strikes will land on the body, as opposed to the face. In addition, the absence of big gloves means that blocking by covering up is completely useless; instead, the lead hand is used to deflect, side step, and counter if possible. That is exactly the kind of situation boxers face when they fight with bare knuckles.

When fighting with bare knuckles, you need to land your shots with the index and middle fingers’ knuckles; those are your “hard” knuckles and they are relatively resistant to shocks. On the other hand, every other knuckle is a “soft” knuckle, as they are easy to break.

The problem is that fighting isn’t the same as bag work. You can worry about perfect technique and aim in training, but fighting isn’t the same thing. In a fight, you’re dealing with a moving target, your own head movement, shifting positions, distance management, and of course, you get hit back. You won’t always be able to land perfect shots. Sometimes, you land your shot on the skull. If that happens, you better be wearing gloves. Otherwise, you likely just broke your fist, even you landed your shot with your hard knuckles.

Faced with that problem, the Irish martial art “Dornálaíocht” had already come up with a solution: the Irish style. Whereas modern boxing often uses body shots to create openings for big punches up high, the Irish style uses face punches to create openings for hard shots to the body, where there is a much lower risk of breaking your hand. 

It is also a fighting style that doesn’t complement the African body type, given their higher center of mass and longer limbs. That explains why the white man consistently beat everyone, until the elites decided to impose the use of boxing gloves.

2. Ring Size

Given the stature, longer limbs, and superior stamina of African bodies, it does not serve them very well to fight in close proximity to their opponents. Moreover, Africans are a naturally more anxious people who like to run and commit only when it’s safe (i.e. from a distance). We can think of boxers like Muhammad Ali who was known to run away in the ring and capitalize on his opponents missing shots. We can also think of George Foreman, who would always push his opponents away to throw his shots. Effectively, Africans need distance to fight.

That is why ring sizes have increased, since the old days of bare knuckle boxing. White men fight like men: they walk up to their opponent and fight. The African style, however, was literally considered unmanly and an indication of homosexuality for anyone who used it. Nevertheless, the elites could not accept the fighting prowess of the white man. They had to stack the deck for blacks.

3. Dirty Boxing

The white man has a lower center of mass and a stronger upper body than the black man. In the old days, it was allowed to grab, clinch, and punch. The European body type is highly conducive to clinch fighting, due to the white man’s superior ability to maneuver opponents with their lower center of mass as pivot points. The shorter limbs of Europeans is also conducive to “frame” out of a bad position (e.g. when someone grabs your neck, you go low, create an angle, and push his chin upward with your forearm). The elimination of dirty boxing was the last stand of white domination in boxing. This is why modern boxing is a fake sport. It is designed to handicap the true champions: the white man.


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