Former Jewish Board Of Deputies President Calls for Corbyn Assassination

Former Jewish Board Of Deputies President Calls for Corbyn Assassination

In May 2019, Dr. Lionel Kopelowitz, former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of the Jewish community in the UK, openly called for the assassination of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

Here’s the video:

Here’s what he said:

“Lionel Kopelowitz, senior past President. Mr. President, I’ve read many Presidents’ statements over the years. I want to take this opportunity of congragulating you on the very brilliant letter that you wrote to Jeremy Corbyn. I think you covered all the points clearly and succinctly. I think you deserve the total applause and approbation of the board for the manner in which you carried this out. Perhaps there’s one thing that you ommitted to say, and that’s this: the word “Corbyn” is a very suitable one for him, as “Corbyn” is in Hebrew “korban,” which is a sacrifice, and I think we should sacrifice him for all the trouble that he has caused.”

Rather than condemning this explicit call for violence, the current President said “I’d just like to remind you that you are being live streamed. And before any more speakers I’m reminding all of you that you are being live streamed.”

Dr. Kopelowitz later apologized for his “clumsy rhetoric” and clarified that he wanted Corbyn taken out by “strictly democratic means.” 

Clearly, this was not merely “clumsy rhetoric.” This was an unambiguous, direct call for the murder of the leader of one of the United Kingdom’s most important political parties. If it were not, Dr. Kopelowitz would not have had to clarify that he wanted Corbyn to be removed by “democratic means,” nor would the current President have responded by reminding him and the other speakers that they were being live streamed. 

Dr. Kopelowitz, who passed away this July, faced no legal censure for these remarks. There has been virtually no coverage of this incident in the mainstream or alternative media. The video has received less than 20,000 views on YouTube. 

Why? You can get arrested and prosecuted for making fun of someone’s hairstyle in the UK. Boris Johnson sparked national outrage by making a dumb joke about veiled Muslim women. There are new accusations of antisemitism directed against the Labour Party seemingly every day. What would happen if Jeremy Corbyn called for Tony Blair to be “sacrificed”? What would happen if Prime Minister Johnson called for Sadiq Khan to be “sacrificed”? Why did this little old man feel comfortable calling for the murder of Jeremy Corbyn at a supposedly innocent gathering? Why was he not immediately condemned by the current president? Why did the incident receive no coverage? Why was there no police investigation? 

The only reasonable answer is this: Jews are extremely powerful. This is not to say that all Jews are in on a vast conspiracy. However, as this incident and the reaction to it demonstrate, it is unambiguously true that the organized Jewish community has extraordinary power and influence. Jews get together in rooms and make plans about how to protect and advance their interests. Dr. Kopelowitz’s remarks show that sometimes they talk about who ought to be killed. If this is antisemitic, then the truth is antisemitic. 

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