FTN 242: Xi JinPonzi Scheme

FTN 242: Xi JinPonzi Scheme

McFeels and Ethnarch breakdown Xi Jinping’s latest flex on Trump in the trade war, Mexico cemented as America’s new vassal state, the j-left’s faithless elector hedge, a deep-dive into the usual suspects in the world of EB-5 visas, and the geopolitical advantages and abridged history of Greenland. If it’s Sunday, it’s Fash the Nation!

h/t to Frontierland for this weekend’s lovingly rendered cover art:

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Chinese Fingertrap
00:45:00 – El Pueblos, Mexico’s Friendliest Boomer Town
01:08:00 – Faithless Elector Hedge
01:19:00 – Schadenfreude Suppository
01:30:00 – EB-5 Visa Deep-Dive
02:02:00 – Mayorkas Mayhem
02:35:00 – Geopolitical Greenland
02:45:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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