A Self-Inventory of My Beliefs

Know thyself

A Self-Inventory of My Beliefs

It’s funny or maybe tragic to have been doing political commentary for so long without being honest about my own real views. I believe a lot of this is just an artifact of being a troll for a number of years, followed by being a little too swept along by the vicissitudes of my own life to slow down and describe my actual convictions. I’ve compiled a handy little bullet point list here to precisely elucidate what I actually think about present-day life.

 I’ve described myself as an atheist before, but the truth is I’m probably more of an agnostic. I’m open to exploring the possibility of a greater being or “creator/source”, and I think the “Prime Mover” argument deserves more credit than it gets from entry level atheists. I am NOT at all convinced I should follow a particular religion or doctrine as the sheer multiplicity of them does actually constitute a major obstacle towards adopting belief in any particular system. Finally, I think the church as a social institution and mainstream religion in general is an essential form of social glue that likely will not be replicated by any alternative models in my lifetime. You don’t have to believe the Bible in a literal sense, mere attendance of services is a better alternative to the various hyper-media distractions available.

I’m influenced by Stirner, Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault, and Baudrillard. I think to properly orient yourself in the present world does require a grasp of postmodernism since it addresses the unique complications of life in this century. I suppose I would describe myself as intensely skeptical of deontological ethical frameworks from debating Libertarians over the years and I tend to view morality itself as a type of aesthetic taste. There are people who do beautiful things and people that do ugly things, I probably see folks simultaneously as both less evil and less virtuous than they’re made out to be. In general, I think personality always trumps ideology and people adopt beliefs based on their tastes, and never the reverse. Authenticity is important and you can’t consciously be authentic.

I believe Stoicism is probably the best over-all practical approach to life in era of challenge and adversity.

-Race and gender
I think there are general statistical differences of IQ and various “natural tendencies” among races, which in a less hysterical time or in another country is scarcely a controversial belief. This is not to say ALL members of a given race are prone to a predetermined level of intellectual achievement or criminality, but rather, that broad trends can be seen within population groups and genders.

This means that on a macro level, a specific human population group will impact the space it occupies in disparate ways depending on the type of its constituents. Yet again, I don’t think this is controversial, the idea that Han Chinese will create a different neighborhood than South Sudanese is hardly scandalous. In a similar vein, there are generalized differences between men and women on that same macro level, particularly in terms of athletic ability and general interests.

As a consequence, when looking at broad sociological trends the demographics are important and should be taken into consideration, particularly if you are creating incentives to shift a population in one direction or another. Michel Foucault’s concept of “BioPower” is salient, governments and elites certainly take demographics into account when consolidating political power, so the rest of us would do well to acknowledge them. I do not believe “ethnostates”, genocides, or Draconian purity standards are acceptable “solutions” (final or otherwise) to various social problems, but immigration control should be an essential part of statecraft for obvious reasons. If you disagree with this stance, I’d ask you to re-evaluate who benefits the most from your cultivated preference for open borders policy.

On the micro level, I’m not going to discriminate against someone or refuse to associate with them purely on the basis of race or even gender identity, as plastic as it may be in this time period. My personal relationships are based on merit and the value a given individual brings to the table, not their general identity per se.

I believe we are in the stages of a civilizational collapse. I think that the logic of capitalism has become a toxic grundnorm for the Western world and that cold materialistic consumerism has ultimately poisoned the lives of formerly thriving human beings. Some say the downfall of a society can be found in its greatest strength, and nowhere do I find this more evident than American pragmatism and “free” markets building a global superpower that would eventually find its apotheosis in a morbidly obese descendant of a frontiersmen cruising the Walmart Supercenter in an electric scooter looking for 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew and bags of Cheetohs.

I do not think this story ends anywhere else other than a full-on collapse. While we can point to various examples of elites and governments doing things that materially hurt their own native populations, I believe this is essentially the last-ditch efforts of a system that has painted itself into a corner. Modern techno-capitalism has completely annihilated the health, sanity, and spirituality of every single culture that adopts it along with their fertility. Inevitability you will run out of consumers and workers to keep it chugging along no matter how much you open the borders.

Furthermore, I think that it’s patently naive to persist in the delusion the course of this ship can be righted by changing political leadership, “kicking out the bad guys”, or the successful adoption of policy proposals. Put simply, even in a best case scenario, the rudder just isn’t big enough to turn so much momentum away from disaster. In reality, the rudder is stuck in one position and anyone trying to crank the wheel is going to get removed from the political process altogether.

It goes without saying that the major political parties are a simulated, fake affair almost consciously engineered to provide a binary of choice within a paradigm that intentionally excludes the desires of the citizens. The establishment exists for its own perpetuation at this point.

Looking back, I think all of my involvement in politics, from voting to demonstrations has been completely in vain except for the personal friendships I’ve cultivated along the way. It certainly has worked to put me in an increasingly precarious situation in which individuals, institutions and organizations have identified me as some sort of enemy to destroy.

I actually think the effect of Jewish influence on American politics is misconstrued by both sides of the argument. Some decry any criticism of Jewish influence as “Anti-Semitism” while others sincerely believe Jews are running a global conspiracy to sacrifice every other country in the world for the sake of Israel. The truth is somewhere in the middle. We should be able to acknowledge that Jews do have carte blanche to steer American policies towards Israeli interests at a level not tolerated for other ethnic groups and nationalities. It’s quite clear that mentioning this provokes a completely disproportionate reaction from Jewish groups themselves.

The Jewish effect on media is to me roughly analogous to what would happen if members of just about any other ethnic minority group owned most of the newspapers and television networks. You get a mainstreaming of their cultural perspectives and a delegitimization of what they subjectively pathologize. Yet again, this is just a macro level consequence of trends within distinct ethnic groups. If Hollywood, NBC, and CNN were all owned by Japanese, we’d see a very distinctive shift in what is presented as “mainstream” culture. Noticing this doesn’t make you “Anti-Semitic” or “Anti-Asian”, in fact, from a postmodern perspective, you would necessarily NEED to include the demographics of who produces media to better understand its content.

I do think a lot of the maliciousness the dissident right assigns to Jewish presence in media and government can probably be ascribed to simple opportunism and nepotism to a large degree. As a friend has said, “They are a force multiplier” in certain ways when discussing undesired government and social policies, particularly regarding US militarism in the Middle East, which is most reasonably explained by loyalty to Israel. The idea that mitigating Jewish influence in the US would avert the social and civilizational collapse that looms large in the near future strikes me as completely wrong-headed and fails to encapsulate the prime drivers of the crisis.

-The Environment
I’m not concerned with climate change, but habitat destruction and pollution are alarming. I’m probably more acutely worried about human alienation from the outdoors than anything else. I think human attitudes in this techno-capitalist society need to be revised to better appreciate that nature is an essential part of our human experience and not something to be packaged up and marketed as “ecotherapy“.

-White People
I’m white. If someone makes it a point to constantly attack people in this category then I’m going to feel targeted and now you know my entire political trajectory over the last decade or so. That doesn’t mean I’m infatuated with white folks as some kind of “supreme race” or apex of human culture, I just happen to be white and I’ll be somewhat defensive if certain people insist on stirring up widespread racial resentment against the demographic I belong to. That’s the full extent of my leanings on the subject so insinuating I’m a “supremacist” or wish harm on non-whites is pure nonsense.

I don’t want to be famous, I don’t like the idea of having a fan-club, and I certainly don’t like ludicrous media propaganda coloring the perceptions of people who have never met me. I think how I appear in public, on podcasts, etc is pretty representative of how I am in actual real life and yes I am absolutely more invested in riding a roadbike than I am in really cultivating a fanbase. (unless said fanbase supplies me with some cheap carbon aerowheels at which point I may take a sudden interest) In general I just don’t think about this stuff too much.

-Personal Values
I like competition, self-improvement, and being outdoors. That might sound simple enough, but getting into a flow state or beating someone in a race or contest is really alluring to me. I think raising kids is about providing them with the best tools for survival, not indoctrinating them or turning them into accessories for signalling purposes. Honesty is a generally good policy because I’m not a good liar or particularly skilled at remembering things. 

I guess that about sums it up for now; I feel better for having put it all down in text, regardless of whether anyone was entertained or edified by reading it. I am, as always, open to further discussion or trolling/arguing/flame wars over the material in this piece.

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