FTN 246: Drag Downspolitation

FTN 246: Drag Downspolitation

Ethnarch and special guest host the Z-Man join forces to sort through an extended Immigration Cornucopia, relate the Z-Man’s Tale of the Red Pill, discuss the latest in the China Trade War, check in with Bloody Joe Biden, and uncover rampant Downsploitation in the heart

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 Intro

00:03:03 Immigration Cornucopia

01:33:52 Intermission

01:35:41 Z-Blog and Podcast Info

01:47:39 Z-Man’s Tale of the Red Pill

01:53:49 China Trade War Update

02:48:08 BidenWatch Weekend Edition

03:03:32 Trisomy 21 Dragsploitation

03:12:40 Outro

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