The Invasion of Greece: EU’s Eastern Bastion at the Brink of Collapse

The Invasion of Greece: EU’s Eastern Bastion at the Brink of Collapse

by Alexandros L. Papageorgiou

‘Europe’s migrants are here to stay … At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly. The only way to make our asylum and migration policies future-proof, is to collectively change our way of thinking first’

– Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, conservative politician, member of New Democracy Party, December 7, 2017

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‘The assimilation of people coming here (to Greece), does not constitute threat, rather it enriches us … We shall continue to strive towards a society of inclusivity, for a country that must be an example of coexistence and solidarity, for a country that must embrace the richness of (different) traditions and of different origins, in other words, for a Greece of open horizons, that after all, encompassed all of the above during the finest moments of her history’

– (((Alexis Tsipras))), ex-Prime Minister of Greece, leader of SYRIZA, March 6, 2019

(translated from original)

It has often been said that Western Civilization, to a substantial degree, owes its foundations to Greek doctrines. That may be so but, what is always intentionally discarded, is the fact that Greece owes an immense debt of gratitude to its Western cousins for acting as its ‘aegis shield’ during the tumultuous period of the ‘Age of the Crusades.’

Heroes of old Europa, such as Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich I ‘Barbarossa,’ and Edward I of England come to mind. In modern Greece, we have an abundance of statues portraying foreign liberal politicians, Marxist ideologues and socialist fanatics yet, not a single one for any of the esteemed figures previously stated. The reason for this is rather simple you see, we have become a proper ‘modern,’ ‘progressive’ and ‘truly European’ nation. We celebrate ‘diversity’ as much as any ‘woke’ citizen of France, Germany and Great Britain. We relish at the sight of ‘Gay Pride’ parades underneath the Acropolis and in Syntagma square and we are delighted at the statistics that exhibit the phenomenal growth of the ‘Afro-Greek’ community. Why bother paying tribute to autocrats of primordial Europe who once upon a time raised legions and marched to our assistance in driving back the multitudes of Islamic assailants? Any such recollection must surely be tedious, if not prosaic. Welcome to 21st century Greece, a nation where logic, orthologism and ethics have been violently defenestrated and cast in the abyss, in such methodical fashion that draws parallelism to the Spartan practice of franticly discarding new-born babes, with eugenic-defects, in the Kaiadas pit from Mount Taygetus. Forget the glorification of Western European philhellenes, we are not even capable of paying tribute to the morality and ideology of our own forefathers who, frankly, could they see our current state, would surely disavow us … and rightly so. In 1974, we willfully traded our Constitutional Monarchy for a corrupted Republic and now we reap the rotten harvest.

To the matter at hand, since 2011, all governments of Greece, be they either supposed Conservatives as ‘New Democracy’ or far-left socialists as PASOK or its radical Marxist v 2.0 relaunch, SYRIZA, have been privy to the designs and facilitated the project of the ‘Great Replacement.’ From 2012 onwards, Greece has annually allowed over 100,000 migrants to cross from her borders and flood the very heartland of Europa, a crime towards the diachronic homogeneity of the continent that many of my countrymen seem uninterested to contemplate.

‘New Migration of Families from Greece to Europe and Canada’, Edited by Aspasia Chatzidaki, Julie A. Panagiotopoulou, Claudine Kirsch, Lisa Rosen, page 18, Published by Springer VS, 2019.


More so, from 2014 to 2015, the land borders and the territorial waters of Greece received the full brunt of the migration at a time when the Greek financial crisis had engulfed the nation and crippled our resisting mechanisms. It is naïve to consider that the timing of this ‘veritable offensive’ was a coincidence. In less than two years, some 2,000,000 non-Europeans arrived in Greece, of them, a substantial amount was directed to the interior of the continent, an insignificant portion was returned to Turkey and the remaining multitudes were firmly entrenched within our nation.

Chart of the British Broadcasting Corporation, compiled with information provided by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (commonly known as Frontex). Note that, the liberal BBC termed Skopje (FYROM) as ‘Macedonia’ three years before our SYRIZA Marxists committed high treason by signing the ‘Prespa Agreement’ of June 17, 2018.


In 2010, Athens, the capital of Greece, was predominantly white and Orthodox-Christian. In less than a decade, it has been racially utterly transformed. Readers who have never visited Greece in the past may not realize it but, for Greek millennials such as myself, the forceful resynthesis of our society has left us deeply astounded. What is imperative on this matter, is the fact that, for the past 50 years, Greece, unlike other European nations, had remained relatively unscathed from foreign, non-western, migrations. It may well be said that my country was one of the last to exhibit such consecrated levels of ethnic and cultural cohesiveness, analogous to her population. At our current position, we are on the path of becoming yet another white country that is aggressively propelled to a multicultural state.

To understand the chthonic forces at hand, one needs to turn his attention in the Eastern Aegean. From North to South, the large islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Icaria and Rhodes have become festering grounds where thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants are stockpiled in camps and assisted by an entire army of NPOs and NGOs. In their overwhelming majority, these ‘refugees’ are males aged between 18 to 35 (optimum conscription ages) with only a tiny percentage of their numbers comprising women, children and elders who are genuinely fleeing oppression. What is also important to note, is the fact that most are either from South-Central Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan) or the Central African continent. Entire ‘battalions’ of ‘woke’ European volunteers have made camp in these islands and provide them with any assistance imaginable. I have seen it with my own eyes, nearly every one of these ‘refugees’ has a high-end smartphone (many have iPhone 8, X and Xs models!), all of them receive monthly subsidies from our government (ranging from 150 euros for single males to 600 euros for ‘families’ with 7 children). Of course, Greek financial aid is insignificant since, at the start of every month, a substantial portion of these people, form giant lines outside the Western Union branch offices, in every Greek island of the Eastern Aegean, and each, supplied with a transaction code in their phones, proceeds to the bank teller, were, upon presenting the code, receives a standard fee, supplied from unknown donors. In this fashion, many of them are richer than some of the autochthonous Greeks!


Source: The UN Refugee Agency, Euronews, 04/02/2016


To give a brief analysis on the globalist Hydra-like tendrils that guide the NPOs in the Aegean Islands, we turn to ERCI (Emergency Response Centre International), a now, thankfully, defunct organization, whose senior members were arrested by the Greek authorities with the charges of ‘espionage, getting access to stage secrets, facilitating smuggling and human trafficking, money laundry, forgery and breach of telecommunication codes.’

In the summer of 2018 in Lesvos, one of Lauren Southern’s associates for the documentary ‘Borderless,’ was able to infiltrate several discussions between ERCI’s CEO, Panos Moraitis and his lawyer, the morning before his surrender to the Greek authorities. He was able to extract the following testimony from Moraitis’s lawyer:

‘They said that we were actually money laundering, unknown sums of money, and the press in Greece said like ‘five hundred million’ and in reality it was 500,000 euros which, if you engage with NGO’s you know it’s a small amount of money actually, for three years … we were laundering it.’

Amongst the financial backers of the ERCI, one can find ‘The Radcliffe Foundation,’ created by Canadian tycoon Frank Giustra in 1997. Unsurprisingly, Giustra is a close friend of the Clinton family and had contributed to the Clinton Foundation. More so, in 2007, Bill Clinton and Giustra founded the ‘Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership,’ make of that what you will.


Source: Frontex, Risk Analysis for 2019


‘Illegal border crossings on the Eastern Mediterranean route in numbers’ between 2008-2018, provided by Frontex. Note: This graph depicts the millions of people that entered Europe from Eurasia and Africa ‘illegally’ from Eastern Mediterranean, as of today, there is no comprehensive chart for the totality of migrants (legal and illegal) that settled in Europe between 2008 – 2019


Given the proximity of Greece to Turkey, our time-immemorial enemy, one would be inclined to consider that the migrant crisis in Greece could take an even more sinister visage. It has become a casual phenomenon for President Erdogan to proclaim his intention to extend Turkish dominance along the 25th Meridian, aka, the entirety of the Eastern Aegean. In such a scenario, the millions of Muslims currently residing in Greece could hardly be expected to raise up arms in defense of Greek Christians against their Turkish coreligionists. What if … all this perfectly orchestrated machine, has carefully enabled the transference, within Greece, of a Trojan Horse? A fifth phalanx of predominantly male Asians and Africans, in their vast majority, adherents of Islam, who, when the time comes, will transform to a paramilitary force capable of crippling our mobilization efforts and cause chaos in our internal lines of communications? It is certainly a thesis worth contemplating. Now whether the Neo-Ottoman will strike, is an entirely different question. A year, two, or even ten, no one may know. What we do know though, is that the wheels of war are turning. FYROM (Scopia) is deeply aligned with the Erdogan regime while the Albanians, dreaming of a ‘Greater Albania’ that will incorporate the Greek province of Epirus, will surely profit from any assault Turkey will launch. Finally, Thrace, alone containing 1 million Muslims with aspirations to become part of a revived Turkish Empire, strategically speaking, may very well be already gone. Our country was always surrounded by hostile nations, yet not until now was it threatened by a potential dormant enemy from within.

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