The Limits of Brilliance

If it feels cruel, even the mind of a genius will blind itself to common sense.

The Limits of Brilliance

Netflix has a series out: Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. It seems intended as some sort of feel-good hagiography. For someone attenuated to the exigent realities of our time, the first episode will offer an appalling glimpse into the psychology of pathological altruism. This is a threat that both compliments Zionist subversion, and rivals it in terms of standalone danger to the survival of Western Civilization.

It explains that Gates is a focused and driven man who showed exceptional brilliance in mathematics from an early age, and went on to make billions by founding and leading Microsoft. All well and good. Here’s were it starts to get grim: He’s directing his non-profit efforts towards exacerbating a looming 3rd World Malthusian catastrophe.

His program aims to remove one of the few modest constraints imposed on wildly-unsustainable population growth: diseases caused by non-existent sewage systems. The two locations mentioned in the episode are Niger (average IQ 69) and Senegal (average IQ 76). In the United States, 75 is considered one of the thresholds for classification as mentally retarded. The average person from either country would be rejected from enlistment in the US military because it has found that it is largely impossible for individuals with such scores to comprehend and comply with instructions to the extent that their membership would be worthwhile to the organization.

Herein lies a genetically-predetermined truth about African dysfunction and squalor: It cannot be fixed. However, the population explosion itself is indeed largely the fault of Europeans who attempted to graft their own civilization onto Africa. As post-colonial societies descended into starvation and anarchy decades ago, it was Western assistance that averted any systemic correction. For instance, Niger, a country dependent on food aid, went from roughly 6 million in 1980 to nearly 24 million at present. All predictions that a contraction in this growth that would occur have proven as correct as the Al Gore on the melting of the polar ice caps.

The Most Important Graph In The World, by Steve Sailer

The average IQ of African populations render them suitable to doing what Africans had always done prior to the European arrival: hunter-gathering and highly-primitive subsistence agriculture. The dilemma faced by Africans now is that the carrying capacity of most of their lands for such activities was outstripped long ago. This leads to urban squalor where they live dependent on external food support. It is not a lack of electricity that creates a sewage community. Medieval Europeans did not live in this manner. There are still rural villagers in China without electricity or running water who do not live in their own filth.

Bill Gates thinks he can somehow fix this, starting with getting less of them to die young from feces-borne illnesses. Even if this was possible and the end result was all of them living at even 2nd world standards, the finite material resources of this planet would be quickly outstripped. So what induces this pathological altruism, which ought rightfully be considered a form of madness?

Well, the documentary depicts his happy upbringing in a wealthy, all-White part of Seattle nurtured by accomplished parents who devoted lots of time and resources to their children. This is pretty much the archetypal childhood of a pathological altruist. Highly-accomplished men who grow up poor alongside the depredations of vibrancy tend not to harbor such racial delusions. Bill Clinton might profess the values of Gates, but he’s a sociopathic politician. It’s all about enriching himself; he doesn’t actually care if they live or die.

Bill Gates points out that for a man with his vast wealth and resources, time is paramount. The amount of his greatest resource that he lavishes on this endeavor demonstrates he’s a true believer who really does care. On a fundamental emotional level, he cannot accept the fact that reality unfolds according to its own logic regardless of how anyone feels about any of it. Simply put: Nature is cruel, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. A high IQ won’t reconcile you to the obvious. Only the cold acceptance of logic will do it. Perhaps that requires some rough formative experiences.

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