Discussing the Future

It’s useful to entertain certain scenarios. Others should be avoided.

Discussing the Future

When Right Wing Dissidents consider the future that will unfold across North America over the coming decades, there’s basically 4 scenarios:

1) We’ll take it all back somehow (delusional MAGA-theme)
2) Societal Collapse (prepper)
3) Civil War (fed-poster idiocy)
4) Society will become increasingly fractured and dysfunctional

The first scenario is born of complete delusion rooted in optimistic political developments from a few years ago. However, we’ve seen that even modest reforms or concessions to our popular agenda can never be achieved through political and judicial processes. The MSM will never even acknowledge legitimacy of our existence. It’s all rooted in the plutocratic power of Levantine Tribesmen. We’ve gone from a nation of laws to a who/whom police state determined by how one fits in with their agenda and prejudices.

The second scenario is more realistic than many would like to internalize, especially if they have kids. The real question is why bother? There’s not really much anyone can do to adequately prepare for a globally catastrophic event. The most realistic possibilities involve nature, such as a volcanic eruption that triggers mass starvation and the viral pandemics that inevitably ensue. Things were going pretty well for the Emperor Justinian up until “the sun gave no warmth”. It happens from time to time, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s like wasting your time worrying about getting Alzheimer’s 50 years from now.

Some total collapse from a war could happen but no government with the power to bring this about is looking for such a confrontation. These things would have to spiral out of control from some clash far down the chain of command. The possibilities are pretty low. All of this is counterproductive. The average person will stay away from such content because it’s unsettling. Moreover, our politics are moved mainly by Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Zoomers. They want a future to work towards, not the best plan for moving to an off-grid cabin in Idaho before the whole thing burns and they eventually starve or perish from a lack of medical care.

The third scenario isn’t remotely realistic. Worse yet, at this point even though you have a right to share your thoughts on the matter, it could end very badly for you. Once a search warrant is obtained, your IP address can be easily identified by the federal government. After that, they’ll comb through everything you’ve done online in order to take things out of context and present you as a threat.

If you own any legal firearms, you then become a White Supremacist Terrorist. The narrative is that they’re the premier threat to this country. The FBI is far more concerned with bolstering this lie than preventing actual crime. You then become useful for padding dishonest statistics used to justify draconian and unconstitutional legislation. Talk about civil war helps the other side, so avoid it.

The fourth scenario is what we’ve already observed unfolding all around us for decades. Taking into account the unending deluge of legal and illegal immigration, demographic trends, along with economics and the parlous state of government finances, it becomes clear that things will continue to deteriorate. The demise of the USA a cohesive, 1st world nation is a forgone conclusion. Important topics for prognostication should concern life in a post-functional America:

Can the evolving power of the technological surveillance apparatus impose order and security on a low-IQ multicultural society with rampant poverty?

Can a government that fails to provide basic public goods at a 1st world level continue a dystopian program of social engineering that denies Whites their freedom of association?

How do people survive and thrive as the survival strategy used for decades, retreat and withdrawal, becomes increasingly ineffective for the average family?

These are practical yet difficult questions that everyone will eventually have to confront. We can garner interest and build credibility with a set of realistic answers.

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