FTN 256: From Ukraine with Chutzpah

FTN 256: From Ukraine with Chutzpah

As the media hamster wheel continues to spin the latest impeachment narratives on Ukraine, the real story – one that involves various groups of “Ukrainians” leveraging their fellow “Ukrainians” throughout the US government to ensure continuity of operations for their multi billion dollar graft/bribe pipeline – goes entirely untold. Until now. Jazz and James dive into the details on Ukraine as well as a rope-a-dope of breaking news stehries, Lindsay Graham’s prank calls, Minnesota, Kurdistan, Shep Smith, McAleenan, YouGov poll results on LGBTQPs, Jennine Capo Crucet and more. If it’s Saturday night, it’s FTN!

h/t to Kyle for this week’s art:

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Unnewscucked
00:18:00 – McAleenan Speculation
00:30:00 – Shep Smithed
00:40:00 – From Ukraine with Chutzpah
01:11:00 – Graham’s Bad Week Got Worse
01:30:00 – Koschertified
01:32:00 – Minnesota Ice
01:40:00 – Erdogan Rolls Through “Kurdistan”
01:50:00 – Beto Predicts
02:03:00 – YouGov Poll
02:35:00 – Bottom of the Stack
02:46:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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