Joker: Another Hollywood Psyop

Joker: Another Hollywood Psyop

by Stan Lauder

The entertainment industry’s latest comic book creation is generating a lot of buzz, both inside and outside of pro-White circles. The anti-Whites claim it has themes of “incel violence” that are problematic and represent Whites’ oppression of other groups. Many on the right are attracted to the film’s critique of modern society and the supposed fit to the clown world meme. As is often the case, a more nuanced third position is required to understand the true message.

Joker has received pushback from many a shit-lib, calling the film “right-wing” and criticizing the star Joaquim Phoenix for promoting violence. However, a closer look reveals that those higher up in the power structure on the left are actually supporting it. A headline on The Guardian claims “’Incel’ Violence is horrific, but Joker is complex, and doesn’t take sides.” The pushback from cat ladies on the left also represents the perfect opportunity for promotion by the kosher right. The Daily Wire writes “’Joker’ Movie Slammed By Social Justice Warriors For Glorifying ‘Incel’ Violence” knowing that many Americans will do or watch anything to “own the libs.” Separately, the US Military has gotten involved, advising troops to be on their toes for “incel” attackers during screenings. All of this has given the film a feeling of rebellion and an appeal to many want-to-be dissidents. Shortsighted right-wingers may hope that Hollywood is being forced to cater to our desires in order to stay afloat, because of all the “winning” the right-wing is doing. This is naïve thinking. Pro-White politics has a long fight ahead of itself, and our enemies will not achieve our goals for us. Hollywood would rather collapse than advocate for our people. More intelligent readers should understand that Joker holds no positive value to Whites other than as a subject of cultural analysis.

Most people well-entrenched in pro-White circles understand that mass violence works directly against our objectives of affirming moral and political legitimacy for Whites. The recent designation of White Nationalism (literally classified as any pro-White position) as a terrorist threat by the FBI is likely the most serious symptom of this problem. Deep State actors have been promoting and even committing what the media labels as “right-wing violence” for many years. With Joker, the system hopes to accelerate the mass shooting trend and remove the need for their own direct intervention. Joker will not fool level-headed Whites into engaging in violent action, but we are not the target. The more frustrated and impulsive Whites, who are still cut off from pro-White politics, or are simply too steeped in nihilism to be helped, are indeed vulnerable to manipulation.

In addition to benefiting from the violent action of right-wingers, the system also maintains a desire for anti-White attacks from its thugs on the left. The punch a Nazi meme has been steadily growing in strength and many are looking for an excuse to put it into action. The themes in Joker will embolden these mongrels to cause havoc in their communities, hurting normal people and any groups resembling pro-White politics. As always, there will be no negative coverage of these attacks in the media. Instead the aftermath will be broken White communities, scared and confused, with questions only answered through the hidden and guarded gateway to pro-White politics.

The society that radicalizes the Joker will not be the clown world that we live in today, but a subtly pro-White Patriarchy. The rebellion that the Joker leads will not smash an oppressive system, but tear apart a functioning community that he is ostracized from for good reason. The Joker will not stand defiantly against clown world, but in support of its ultimate victory. Still, desperate and morally weak right-wingers will find admiration in his Will to Power. What we see here is the cultural arm of the kosher sandwich in action. Just like Hannity and Maddow pitting their viewers against one another, Hollywood is adept at coaxing unstable right-wingers into violence while promoting and justifying attacks from the left. This article is not intended to dissuade you from seeing a movie, but to help you understand how culture is used to promote anarcho-tyranny on a large scale, and how to respond properly. The pro-White answer to chaos is not more chaos, but solidarity and order. I understand that pro-Whites are looking for ways to change our society, but we would be fools to try and find it in Joker.

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