People Retain Narratives

The details, not so much.

People Retain Narratives

The derivation and dissemination of clear narratives is the paramount task of dissident right wing content producers because clear narratives are easy to remember. Thus, they resonate with the average person who lacks the time, inclination and aptitude to try and get it all figured out. What sticks is the narratives.

Here are some principles to keep in mind:

For a narrative to be effective on its own merits, it must be logically consistent with other narratives.

It’s long been known that most people accept ideas in sets, so if these ideas clash with one another, they’re hard to get behind. The contradictory nature of leftist doctrines is often the first thing that turns people off about them. It’s no coincidence that the standard-bearers of leftist ideology are often female, deranged, or disingenuous Jews. It’s not unusual for them to be all three.

Sets of narratives must comport with reality.

When this is the case, the narratives are reinforced despite the lack of political power by the people who introduce them. This is why the Dissident Right continues to grow in spite of the narratives of the MSM and the punishment meted out to those who dare profess our common sense in public. It’s also why leftist ideas must be imposed. In the absence of reason, only fear can rule. Eventually though, fear doesn’t keep the lights on.

The narratives of a movement must be consistent over time.

This is why Conservatism, Inc isn’t a movement but a collection of shills paid by publications that could never survive on the income generated by their readership. A decade ago, they said gay marriage was immoral. Nowadays, they’re condemning us as immoral for opposing gay marriage. They render themselves a joke by constantly changing what they promote in order to stay consistent with the left.

Rhetoric matters.

There are real limits to the distance a narrative can travel depending upon how it’s phrased. For example: “Around Blacks-NEVER RELAX!” It’s effective with a certain audience, but also crude. That can be used to discredit the underlying logic without even addressing it.

In contrast, “The low average IQ’s, high-time preferences, and poor impulse control of African populations have been extensively documented. Their appalling levels of violence can be directly attributed to these traits.” Sure, the latter is longer in length, but it will go much further because the factual statements contained within have to be discredited to non-leftists. Keep it as concise as possible, but shorter isn’t always better.

Objectivity resonates with White people.

This is one of the primary reasons why Western Civilization has been hijacked by a Jewish plutocracy, and conservatives never cease prattling on about how people should be judged as individuals according to the content of their character. White people have an ingrained inclination to assess someone based on what he’s doing, not by the group to which he belongs. Meanwhile, nobody else does, which is quite easy to point out. One of the most appealing themes for normal people follows along the lines of: Why is _____ okay for them but not for us?

This approach doesn’t require an extensive academic background or a great deal of experience with rhetoric. If you’re having a congenial discussion with friends or looking to get started with producing content, that’s a great place to start. Hone the rest of your skills from there.

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