The Reality of Power

It trounces principles and yet it never persists.

The Reality of Power

One of the reasons that corrupt systems generally prove impossible to reform is that this process requires individuals acting on their principles to exercise autonomy within the entity that employs them. The result of doing so is often their expulsion from that entity, and far worse. Just ask any whistleblower on the misdeeds of the US intelligence leviathan. Those with the courage to do so are lucky to survive with their personal life intact, let alone their jobs. The same could be said of a politician like Rep. Steve King, who’s been sent into internal exile before his party can primary him next year for making mildly pro-White statements.

Genuinely placing one’s principles first is not a financially remunerative endeavor. A man can’t feed his family with courage or his conscience. It’s also highly unlikely to get you into any conventional position of esteem. Most of the celebrated figures in our neck of the woods are untouchable pariahs who lack moral legitimacy for their existence in respectable circles where “our values” are extolled with the most loathsome hypocrisy by people who have none.

Those who’ve been in the military know that most ethically-driven officers are gone before they even make it to the rank of major. So, the odds that a flag officer would publicly question the sanity of what goes on at the Pentagon for the sake of the men under his command is basically nil. That sort of leader is so far from possible that the less imaginative can’t even conceive of him. “Mad Dog” Mattis is a hero to the rank and file despite all his appalling neocon malfeasance that threatens to leave their children orphans.

What we’ve seen since 2016 is that the entire system of power in this country will work in concert to prevent reform. It’s all political, which means that objective rules don’t apply, no matter how blatant the double standards. Do you want to keep that pension? You’d better obey the current politics. Teachers will propagandize kids about the merits of trannies and cops will arrest people who get attacked by Antifa.  FBI goons will knowingly sent innocent men to prison and smile and shake hands after the verdict. It’s all basically the same as Joe Biden moving in whatever direction the wind happens to be blowing. It can seem contradictory but it’s all consistent with placing politics over principles.

When you look at it from this angle, it’s as crystal clear as it is disgusting. Sometimes, advocates of common sense feel despair because ending foolish policies that bring terrible consequences would appear as simple as collectively saying: No. This is never going to happen, so the maintenance of such desire will gradually deprive oneself of sanity.

The reality of power is that it’s lost as sure as gravity brings down an object. History is very complicated, but it demonstrates that no group can maintain it for long in the grand scheme of things. What often happens is that power is squandered instead of seized outright. It may be uncomfortable to internalize, but that’s probably how things will play out across the West.

This process can be observed already as the Establishment of this country that serves the malign interests of our Jewish Plutocracy delegitimizes itself with unhinged antics and alienates productive citizens with the consequences of its reckless agenda. It would be really nice if we could all just skip this whole part, but that’s not how squandering power works.

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