The World Ends With a Virtue Whimper

Hopefully a few Bangs too; I prefer the cotton candy flavor.

The World Ends With a Virtue Whimper

The Virtue Whimper will be a plaintive declaration of anti-racism.

The first cold day of fall I learned that in my hometown of Floyd, Virginia, authorities had seized millions from a pair of Mexican nationals that were assuredly members of a cartel likely connected to a central hub in the northern part of the state. (You know the place, NoVa, the belly of the beast, a bedroom community for politicians and government employees, which, by many accounts, is also a den of organized drug trafficking.) The record setting (over 30 pounds of meth, 6 pounds of cocaine, and 141,000 $ worth of fentynal) drug-bust in Floyd happened a mere five miles from a plot of land on the Little River my father and I cut the timber off of twenty years ago.

Things twenty years ago in Floyd were different. We were cutting a stand of hemlock trees, back before these were wiped out by a different breed of parasitic foreign invader, and there wasn’t a single Mexican in the entire town. I remember this job for two reasons; it’s proximity to the Little River (which I would swim in after work) and a baby fox squirrel we rescued (“Hemlock” would later become a family pet) after felling a tree. I was living in the Before Time, in an era that didn’t have social media, widespread drug addiction, or Mexican cartels.

Fast forward to The Current Year and how did locals respond to the news story about foreign nationals unloading record levels of highly potent drugs into their community? They were incensed that someone would point out that Mexicans were  indeed responsible. Multiple commenters pointed out that “white people do bad stuff too” and even victim blamed the economically impoverished white drug addicts themselves. They would rather punch down on their own community than admit the barbarians are inside the gate and they brought guns and fentanyl.

I’m not convinced this cowardly virtue signalling and back-patting each other for being Totally Not Racist is nothing but internalized anti-white bias. I think that during times of crisis and/or the fucking collapse of your civilization, the impulse of most people is to moralize, point fingers at each other, and generally avoid acknowledging how bad things really are. If the wind of cosmic judgement is whipping up a hurricane of devastation outside, you want to believe yourself to be morally pure lest the gods smite you down. On this account, I’m scarcely surprised the obese rabble of 2019 are gonna start spouting empty moralistic platitudes in the face of their coming extinction. Things are alarmingly bad when you’ve got Mexican cartels setting up shop around the capital of the country and infiltrating every sleepy rural hamlet in-between; either the current political establishment can’t or won’t solve the problem and either conclusion heralds a rapid decline in living standards for the nation. The future will be driven by Hispanic narco-gangs murdering civilians and dragging politicians through the streets while an increasingly outnumbered police force fails to contain the violence.

And what will the rubes in the countryside do?

They’ll whimper out a last virtue signal while the world dies. 

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