A Tale of Two Warzones

There’s a country that could really use some illegal American military intervention.

A Tale of Two Warzones

Sometimes, it’s useful to contrast our foreign policy with what we’d be doing if the USA was a serious nation acting on its own sovereign interests, free of Jewish influence. Let’s begin with Syria, where our illegal military presence has been an obstacle to peace and stability for years.

Last week, American special forces supposedly killed the head of ISIS under murky circumstances. Putting down this jihadist insurgency (facilitated by the US and its allies) is one of the ostensible reasons proffered to the public for why Syria was invaded. This was more saleable than the actual mission. That was originally to enable the overthrow of its legitimate secular government in order to further Israel’s broader ethnostate ambitions, while containing Iran and further encircling Russia.

ISIS fanatics appalled the American public with horrific videos of torture and executions. This barbarism was given extensive coverage by the MSM in order to drum up support for intervention. What was deliberately obscured to Americans is that this style of barbarism was pioneered right on their southern doorstep, by criminal organizations that operate in all of their major cities. ISIS was merely adopting Aztec savagery that the Mexican cartels had been filming and posting online for years before the organization was formed.

The inherently corrupt and ineffective Mexican government has grown increasingly weak against the military power of the drug cartels. When a son of El Chapo (reputed be a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel) was recently apprehended in Culiacan, their foot soldiers fought government forces to a standstill with heavy weapons and improvised infantry fighting vehicles. They were forced to surrender and release him amid a city plunged into blood-soaked chaos.

What more deserving target of SOCOM could there be than militant foreign criminals who export tons of poison annually, inducing an epidemic of death and despair across America? The domestic body count from ISIS is non-existent by comparison, so vast is the disparity. It wouldn’t even be an issue if voters could have the rational immigration policies they desire.

Trump has blathered extensively about securing oil fields in Syria for the good of America. It’s hard to take anything he says seriously, but the DOD has confirmed deployments for that purpose in the northeast. Prior to the insurgency, the Syrian government derived a substantial portion of its revenues from oil production. Denying critical fields appears vital to preventing a full restoration of Syria as a functional country. Just like blood thirsty savages, that’s another problem it has in common with Mexico.

Pemex, the national oil company, once provided nearly one third of the government’s revenues. There was plenty of graft, but also infrastructure, medical facilities, and education—stuff that keeps a country functioning on a 2nd world level. Last year, that fell to around one fifth. A significant factor in this decline is organized crime siphoning billions of dollars in oil from pipelines. Military escorts are required for workers who need to repair the damage. According to President López Obrador, the employees themselves are complicit in nearly 80% of the theft.

The situation become so desperate that the government decided to shut down the major pipelines altogether back in January. A fleet of thousands of tanker trucks and rail cars were been used to transport the oil instead. This is a significantly more inefficient and expensive method of distributing oil, which lead to crippling shortages. Mexico is a country on the brink of falling apart, and yet none of this is explained comprehensively to the American public. It’s only provided in gruesome snippets through the MSM, such as 132 politicians being killed during the last election cycle.

If there was ever a necessary target for unilateral military intervention, it would be Mexico. There’d be no need make up a ludicrous pretext about WMD’s, claim that López Obrador is gassing children, or fabricate a story about how Mexicans planned 9/11. Mexican drugs are killing Americans in droves and everybody knows it.

The reason that cartels thrive in Mexico and not Canada is because the state cannot operate functional institutions. There’s no way it can independently pull itself out of the current spiral. The US military and PMCs could step in and impose order. It would be a fraction of the cost of what it takes to operate on the other side of the planet.

If US soldiers can be sent to guard poppy fields in Afghanistan, why not pipelines in Mexico? The drug business would start looking a lot less lucrative if the Narcos have to start worrying about predator drones and a team of SEALS busting through their door to double-tap everyone in the house. It’s much easier to deter people from engaging in illegal commerce than it is to quell religious fanatics who are seeking to die in combat.

For the Mexicans, it would hurt their pride but prove to be a tremendous boost in their safety and prosperity. The US military could use some euphemism for the whole thing, like “Operation Friendly Neighbor”. Everybody would win except the criminals. But, we don’t live in a sane country so this will never even be discussed in the halls of power.

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