FTN 269: The HVR Effect

FTN 269: The HVR Effect

Jazz and James discover a new polling phenomenon and the real reason why Jared Kushner has been put in charge of the border “wall” before going back below periscope depth on the world of microfinance driven migration, this time in Africa and spearheaded by Ivanka. Rounding out the second half, Jazz eats his hat, Obama is blocked from joining a predominantly Jewish DC country club, and a number of bottom of the stack items see the light of day. If it’s Thursday, it’s Thanksgiving FTN!

h/t to Frontierland for this week’s cover art.

Listen here: https://therightstuff.biz/2019/11/27/ftn-269-the-hvr-effect/

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – The HVR Effect
00:10:00 – Walls Don’t Work
00:42:00 – Microfinance: Africa Edition
01:06:00 – Africa to Mexico Pipeline
01:28:00 – Albion Dispatches
01:34:00 – Jazz Eats Hat
01:54:00 – Richard Spencer Sacking
02:08:00 – Dem Senate Scenario
02:24:00 – Obama Gets Unwoke
02:32:00 – The Pod Delusion

Jazzhands McFeels

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