The Europa Report – 26 November 2019

The Europa Report – 26 November 2019

This week, we take a close look at Russia and Eastern Europe in the first half, including a study that found a remarkable anti-Russia bias in the Western media. Then it’s on to the EU countries, where Germany deals with other countries’ problems, Rome drops an investigation into Salvini, Greece closes the border, and three prominent UK figures deal with racism accusations.

The Fight for Europe Continues…


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Episode Topics:

Visa problems
Russia cracks down on LGBTQP
Russia’s TV audience is dying
Anti-Russian media bias in the West
Ukraine conflict
Orban slips up
200 Seconds Together
Indians spying on Indians… in Germany
ISIS bride sent back to Germany
Salvini investigation dropped
Greece closes the borders
The N in the woodpile
Santa is racist

Jay Lorenz

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