FTN Focus: Sellout Nation

FTN Focus: Sellout Nation

By now you’re probably very familiar with the insidious 1965 Hart-Celler immigration legislation. If you’re not or need a refresher, go check out FTN 104 – we covered it extensively. What we’ve done today is put together the prequel of and sequel to the 1965 deep-dive. In part 1, Jazz and Ethnarch discuss the immediate post-WWII infiltration of American government in order to lay the groundwork, throughout the 1950s, for what was ultimately delivered in 1965. In part 2, Jazz and James go deep on California’s Prop 187 with rich historical context of what made the systematic subversion of our country possible. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!


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h/t to Kyle for this week’s cover art:

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Pre Hart-Celler Deep Dive
00:05:00 – The Rot of 1776
00:25:00 – Serious Country History
00:35:00 – Proto Kosher Sandwich
01:00:00 – Whom We Shall Welcome
01:14:00 – Prop 187 Rabbit Hole
01:24:00 – Suppressing Progressivism
01:34:00 – Manifest (Electoral) Destiny and the American West
01:40:00 – Better Baby
01:50:00 – We Lived in a Society
02:05:00 – Albion Dispatches
02:15:00 – Spinning Popular Sentiments
02:35:00 – Deplatforming Coughlin
02:55:00 – Big 3 Big Shift
03:12:00 – Prop 187 Driving It Home

Jazzhands McFeels

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