Injustice in America Part 1

The Sad Banality of Day-to-Day Crime

Injustice in America Part 1

Imagine an opiate and meth addicted young white woman pimped out of a weekly motel and you get a picture of everyday life in America.

Violence in the United States has always existed. However, it was historically seen to be an issue to be aggressively managed. The “aesthetic” of random violence was not glorified in the media at large. There was an admiration of outlaw Robin Hood types, Bonnie and Clyde, or anyone who would steal from the rich and give to the poor, but not vicious street violence. In popular myth, the underdog populist bandit acts out of a sense of moral obligation to the community and helps the poor farmer facing a bank foreclosure. Now gangsta culture, with its vulgar display of individual wealth, joyful violence and anti-socialist “philosophy” has adulterated white culture into a glorification of self-centered sociopathy. Any locality with publicized mugshots will show this to be true.

If you work in the criminal justice system for long enough, as I have, you begin to notice trends. If you are white and work in the criminal justice system you notice them (I hope) even more. It leaves you thunderstruck at how efficiently a liberal capitalist criminal justice system can redirect whites into jail and overlook blatant racial crimes committed by Insert-Person-Of-Color-Here.

I have seen whites debased physically and emotionally. One common example are charges arising from illegal possession of a Schedule 1 or 2 drug (heroin, meth and the like), or possession with intent to distribute. “Walter White” whites are nothing but a meme, in most cases I have seen whites moving only a small amount of drugs in order to feed their habit. I have never seen a wholly White distribution and sales apparatus. I have often seen a wholly POC enterprise with White employees who are more like indentured servants than a willing co-conspirator. Sometimes they are also selling themselves into prostitution for the same reason, or even offering their own children to predators. Like the sexual blackmail entrapment elicited by the elites, what better abduction of one’s soul than to dangle their meth or heroin over them?

The first step in the trafficking cycle involves illicit drug monopolies moving their own product or product received in some way from overseas or over the border – see Mexican meth labs and Chinese fentanyl. The second step involves POC middlemen. Frequently in the case of Hispanics, choosing a specific location as a doorway to an entire community. For example, a small rust belt town. These intrepid scouts and merchants are the ones who ordinarily receive enough quantity for distribution to a smaller geographic area. The next step is getting whites addicted to drugs and using them to hold the supply in case there is law enforcement involvement. How would one get another to become addicted? A pill mill in a small rust belt town, or unemployment and lack of any economic future.

Although I have anecdotes of horrific crimes, most crime is banal in the sense it has been adopted as the normative culture and a standard TV consumable. From my observation and experience, we live in a “society” surrounded by low level violence, theft and property crimes. Aside from high level felonies, I would estimate some places in the country have up to 30,000 arrests for misdemeanors a year. I would further surmise this is not unusual for a city in the population range of 100,000. Of the crimes themselves, I would further estimate the top of the list is domestic assault and battery, stranger assault and battery and theft related crimes. The destruction of the white extended kinships has transformed “the family” into any assemblage of people who the beat the shit out of one another then steal. The dreaded “Domestic Violence” endlessly harped on by middle-class cat-ladies actually looks something like this: Basically, a POC male beats the shit out of a white female with whom he has a child. Or the female may be POC. Sometimes the POC male will also beat the children. Sometimes the POC male, in the case of stepchildren, will start sexual relationships with the stepchild after the child reaches whatever age necessary to captivate their predatory gaze. White men who participate in these behaviors are, in some cases, immersed in the dominant POC culture of the region and are aping their behavior. Watch a Worldstarhiphop video and the behavior of whites will be indistinguishable from POCs, sometimes even more pronounced.

Despite the comparatively small size of their population, crime is disproportionately committed by POCs. No new takes be had there. Crime stats from 2017 or 1917 will show you the same exact phenomena in every dimension. The criminal justice system itself is designed to allow for maximum violative behavior and minimum consequence. I see this daily. The strategy is to rope a person in, create a record and then release. Additionally, the types of crimes whites commit are overall, but not always, different than non-whites. In my experience, the most common major crimes (felonies) committed by whites are drug related crime. This does not mean whites are blameless or never commit violent crimes, but they simply do not commit as many as non-whites. Furthermore, when whites are involved in the criminal event it is usually as a victim, either of a violent act, or of manipulation by other criminals. And how can this manipulation be so successful – cultural degradation. The close knit community has been replaced by streaming internet poison. The family has been replaced by a conglomeration of degenerates. Working class union jobs in industry have been replaced by economic hopelessness.

Needless to say, the system itself creates biased outcomes that are excessively punitive towards whites and while operating as a revolving door for POCs, a subject we will cover in the next article.

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