FTN 277: I Don’t Even Like War

FTN 277: I Don’t Even Like War

James and guest host Mike Enoch embark on a rollicking discussion about consumers spending record-setting amounts of borrowed money on items they don’t need while hundreds of thousands of retail and manufacturing jobs evaporate before their eyes- taking the middle class with it. $800 car loans on $600 incomes, cash-out refis to pay off credit cards, and the plight of the 60k-a-year overleveraged yeoman worker; where is it all headed? In the second hour, the soft reboot of the Iran conflict is dissected in detail, alongside the increasingly paranoid reaction of Purim-celebrating blue check Twitter personalities. Then, a discussion on the U.S.’ quickly fading international influence and some easy solutions to not be a universally hated bloviating world bully. Finally, Mikey ruins Christmas, some suspicious digits, and tales of the Kosher Clipper. All ahead on this week’s FTN!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Doing The Bit
00:07:00 – WalAzon Economy
00:21:00 – Hand-To-Mouth Amusements
00:36:00 – Tequila Scented Direct Delivery
00:42:00 – $800 Payment, $600 Income
00:51:00 – The Plight Of The 60k A Year Yeoman
00:59:00 – MMT For Me, Not For Thee
01:13:00 – Luxury Ideologies
01:28:00 – BREAK
01:30:00 – Iran: Producer’s Cut
02:13:00 – Neurotic Hawks
02:43:00 – Don’t Blame Me!
02:50:00 – Bottom Of The Stack

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