FTN 283: Janklow’s Pilpul Patrol

FTN 283: Janklow’s Pilpul Patrol

Jazz and James dive into rare polling on capitalism as Davos balks at the undeniable outcome of 5 decades of financialization. Then they head to the Black Hills of South Dakota to take an in-depth look at the resurgence of perpetual trusts and the genesis of today’s $4 trillion credit card industry, spawned by the nullification of state usury laws at the hands of a bright red conservative enclave and purported “originalist” SCOTUS justice. In the 2nd half, Jamie Dimon announces a $100 billion/yr emerging markets (micro-finance) initiative as the first caravans of 2020 get underway against the backdrop of nascent 3rd world pandemic. Meanwhile, Bloomie goes full fellow white. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

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h/t to Kyle for this week’s cover art:

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – State of Davos
00:30:00 – BAck to Biz as Usual
00:45:00 – SD Trusts and Usury
01:00:00 – Shibboleths Fall
01:26:00 – BREAK
01:28:00 – Jamie Dimon Brownwashes Davos
02:00:00 – Unsafe 3rd Country
02:10:00 – Viral Acceleration
02:40:00 – Bloomie Goes Full Fellow White
02:57:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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