White Supremacy=Terrorism?!!!

Yet another set of contradictions that are easy to rhetorically exploit.

White Supremacy=Terrorism?!!!

Despite the deplatforming and denial of conventional fundraising mechanisms, dissident media enjoys key advantages over the MSM. That’s why we’re still growing under the crackdown. The fact that any rational consumer of the MSM will eventually notice that there’s no truth which could be applied objectively across the set of ridiculous narratives they’re being fed is one of our best assets.

The current hysteria they’re trying to foist on Americans is that somehow the primary threat to national security is from white supremacist terrorism. It’s a patently absurd contention. All of the alleged “terror” incidents were either from mentally deranged individuals, criminals with Nazi tattoos engaged in typical criminality, or cooked up by the FBI itself to which it recruited the mentally ill or retarded. The FBI is the origin of most of the plots they’ve foiled. Inciting illegal acts is an illegal practice for law enforcement in most reasonable nations.

Besides launching yet another a laughably absurd canard that will further alienate people in the middle ground, they’ve created a secondary problem. This is a problem we can rhetorically exploit. The canard of white supremacist terrorism directly contradicts another absurd canard they’ve been pushing for decades, White Privilege. Here’s an academic weighing in on the core of this privilege:

White privilege is an institutional (rather than personal) set of benefits granted to those of us who, by race, resemble the people who dominate the powerful positions in our institutions. One of the primary privileges is that of having greater access to power and resources than people of color do

Terrorism is an inherently asymmetric form of warfare. You’ll learn this in the first 5 minutes of any course on terrorism if you didn’t intuitively understand it already. For instance, the IRA wanted the British government out of Ireland but wasn’t remotely capable of a conventional military confrontation, hence the terrorism. Likewise, Al Qaeda wanted the US military out of the Middle East but lacked the military forces to achieve such an outcome.

It’s very easy to point out that if white people have too much power in this country, how are they getting labeled as terrorists simply for advocating for their own interests? Furthermore, if they are in fact terrorists, why would they need to resort to such a barbaric tactic if they already have institutional power? There’d be no need to bother in the first place if this were indeed the case. It’s all just an egregious lie that doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. Making that case is easy.

You could next make the point that if the US government has such a problem with terrorism, why is it arguably the most significant sponsor of terrorism on the planet? Since ISIS and the campaign to destroy Syria began, pointing out that this is being done with the support of the US and its allies to contain Iran and advance the Greater Israel project of the Jewish neocons has been one of the defining contributions of dissident media. Why are the people complaining about terrorism being labeled terrorists? Projection.

Across the dissident/alt-right/white nationalist media sphere there is a deluge of content available denouncing the sponsorship of terror by the US government and the neocon Jews who direct its foreign policy. What you will not find, however, is content promoting violent and illegal acts. That would be insane for anyone to put out for obvious reasons. If they did, you would’ve seen them on CNN getting rounded up by a SWAT team. That’s why you’ve got these FBI talking heads on TV complaining that they’d like to lock up dissidents for their political beliefs, but they can’t because they’re not doing anything illegal.

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