FTN 293: Was Coronachan Part of Your Plan?

FTN 293: Was Coronachan Part of Your Plan?

Jazz and James put the Democratic primary on ice for an upcoming special midweek Strike the Nation following Super Tuesday (LIVE on 3/4 at 7PM EST) in order to catch up on Coronachan, the potent reality of pandemic + financial freefall, how the Center for Disease Dissemination is making things worse, lack of basic prep by most Americans, supply chain choke points, your non-existent rights under quarantine, and some white hot meta takes at the close. If it’s Sunday, it’s a 3 hour FTN!

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h/t to Kyle for this week’s cover art:

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Crashing Stonks w/ No Survivorsh
00:25:00 – $34T Catch 22
00:45:00 – Just the Flu Bro
01:00:00 – Praying Away the Gay
01:15:00 – Perfect Protocols
01:25:00 – BREAK
01:27:00 – CDC Addresses Anti-Racism
01:43:00 – Center for Disease Dissemination
01:58:00 – Total Lack of Prep
02:11:00 – Quarandines Eggsblained XDD
02:26:00 – Show Starts Here
02:59:00 – Outro

Jazzhands McFeels

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