Good Thing We’ve Got Our Priorities Straight.

Even if the capitol crumbles……

Good Thing We’ve Got Our Priorities Straight.

In the midst of a public health crisis that could easily spiral into an economic catastrophe unparalleled in history, it’s reassuring to know that our law enforcement maintains priorities that make sense to the average American. According to “intelligence” from the FBI, which has issued an alert to local agencies, White Supremacists are planning to spread the virus to Jews.

In America, the term “intelligence” translates into “an implausible assertion for which no credible evidence can be presented”. So basically, this is on par with claims of Russia hacking elections. However, there’s a critical distinction. Russians undeniably exist, whereas White Supremacists are about as real as forest elves. Although I’ve received the label myself, I can’t attest to encountering a single one in my entire life.

Despite a complete lack of cause for doing so, let’s give the FBI the benefit of the doubt and assume there are real people actually posting the things that the FBI says they’re posting online. Are these members of a violent insurgency or people (mostly likely teenagers) making dumb jokes?

Nobody has been arrested, which would be the case if they were actually engaging in a conspiracy to commit a crime. Plotting to infect someone with a deadly disease is quite a serious felony and a literal threat to national security given the current crisis.

Meanwhile, the US government is deliberately attempting to make sure that the maximum number of Iranians possible become infected with COVID-19 by refusing to ease sanctions that seriously impede the ability of Iran to contain the pandemic within a population that exceeds 80 million. In fact, it has used the outbreak as an occasion to ratchet them up even further.

This is a blatantly genocidal policy which poses a genuine threat to global stability. Setting moral considerations aside, why exactly is it in anyone’s interest to have a “super spreader” country that shares land borders with 7 others? The reality here is that the demands of Israel, a tiny ethnostate to which Iran is the primary opponent, override the interests of the rest of humanity.

The problem that Jews create for themselves is that when they do things like use the FBI to persecute their critics and harness the might of the American Empire to destroy opposition to Israel, they put their power on display. Some people notice these sorts of things.

It makes them wonder what they’ve got to do with the interests of the American people, and then realize those who criticize the ability of an ethnicity that constitutes less than 2% of the population to create such malignant outcomes might not be peddling hate-fueled conspiracies after all.

From AIPAC to the ADL, the evidence is both readily-obvious and overwhelming. It’s all right there as soon as you turn your gaze its direction. In fact, one needn’t be particularly well-informed to see who’s in charge when they inadvertently take every opportunity to remind us.

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