The Europa Report #26 February 5th to 12th , 2016

The Europa Report #26 February 5th to 12th , 2016


I am Autolycus and this is the Europa Report for the past week , February 5th to 12th bringing you the latest news on the ongoing perilous situation on the Continent concerning the massive non-white invasion disquised as refugee crisis.

Let us start with main protagonist of the migration drama, Germany where Christians,and women are fleeing asylum centres in Germany in ever growing numbers due to acts of violence, intolerance and crime perpetrated by Muslim men.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, the violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women continues to skyrocket across German asylum centres. Muslim men tear up Bibles and assault Christians, sexually abuse women and children, and beat up homosexuals. The news has led to calls from human rights campaigners to say enough is enough.

In Stuttgart a case of abuse toward an Assyrian Christian by a Muslim roommate led to a petition for separate housing that was signed by over 17,000 people online. The petition, organised by the Central Oriental Christians, asked the City of Stuttgart to, “please accommodate the displaced Christians in Stuttgart-Neugereut and keep them from further distress and persecution to which they are exposed in a decentralised accommodation.”

That does not faze the German government as a ministry has begun an aggressive advertising campaign urging citizens to overcome their “dark side” and embrace open door mass migration and multiculturalism.

“Germany, stay strong! With humanity towards your dark side” and “Against Hate & baiting – no ifs or buts” read the propaganda billboards.

The text is written over a German flag dripping with black paint. Organisers say they hope to “retrieve” the flag from “right wing” and “nationalist” groups such as the PEGIDA and the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD), represented on the poster by the encroaching black paint.

Specifically, the group wants the German public to embrace the 1.5 million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015, and to keep welcoming them this year as Chancellor Merkel’s open door policy continues unabated.

Moreover, two rapefugees—a Nigerian and an Afghani—have been arrested in two separate sex-attack rape incidents in Germany during the first day of the North West Rhine’s (NRW) famous street carnivals, police have admitted.

According to the Focus news service, “Police have arrested an immigrant from Africa,” after a 24-year-old woman was raped at the street carnival in the NRW city of Gütersloh.

Also, in the latest development of the ongoing nonwhite rape plague spreading across Europe in the wake of the fake “refugee” invasion, a rapefugee from Morocco has been sentenced to nine years in prison for a vicious rape in Dresden late last year.

The victim, a 31-year-old German woman, was attacked by the nonwhite invader in Dresden on September 17, 2015, under the Nossener bridge, just over a mile from the famous Frauenkirche cathedral and city center.

By the way, nonwhite invaders in Germany are responsible for in excess of 6,000 “incidents”—most of them criminal—to  which police are called out every day, according to an extrapolation of figures secretly compiled by the authorities in the state of Saxony.

According to a report in the Sächsische Zeitung, the German police in that state are keeping a record of all the incidents—in secret—and deliberately not releasing the figures to the press or the public.

The report, leaked to the newspaper by a whistle-blower in the police, revealed that nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” are responsible for around 400 crimes per day in the state of Saxony alone.

Among them, a senior Islamic State (IS) military commander has been detained for questioning after a dawn swoop by German anti-terror police on an invader center near Mainz, German media have reported.

The nonwhite invader, identified only by his first name “Bassam,” was pretending to be a refugee and had been accommodated at the German taxpayers’ expense in the picturesque municipality of Sankt Johann, in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, about 13 miles south of Mainz.

The Der Spiegel magazine had in the interim been informed by contacts in Syria that a senior IS commander had come to Germany posing as a “refugee.” That magazine sent journalists to follow up on this lead, and, after obtaining his passport and his cell phone sim card, started piecing together the IS man’s path.

Moving across the English Channel, nonwhites commit at least 86 percent of all gang rapes in Britain, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper has finally admitted—reversing a long-standing policy of censoring the relationship between race and crime.

In an article dealing with the wretched and widespread criminal behavior of Somalis in Britain, titled “A private school girl, mothers who excuse gang rape, and a terrifying culture clash no one dares talk about: How Somalian men are living by their own laws… and causing devastating repercussions in Britain,”

Also, there are so many Nigerians in prison in Britain and other countries that their “reputation for criminality has made it hard for them to be accepted abroad,” the Telegraph newspaper in London has admitted.

The Telegraph’s admission of a link between race and crime came on the same day that the Daily Mail made the same admission about gang rapes in Britain—although the Nigerian criminality is of a slightly different sort.

In an article titled “Nigerians’ reputation for crime has made them unwelcome in Britain, says country’s president,” the Telegraph quotes the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, as the source for their story.

Following the footsteps of the Rotherham molestation ring the leader of yet another nonwhite mass-rape gang, this time operating in Yorkshire, England, has fled back to Bangladesh rather than face justice in the UK, it has emerged.

Arif Chowdhury, a 20-year-old Bangladeshi who was born in the UK after his parents legally immigrated there, fled after being arrested in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley, Bradford.

The case involved Chowdhury and twelve other nonwhites engaging in the sustained mass rapes and abuse of local white schoolgirls.

Chowdhury, described by prosecution lawyer Louise Blackwell QC as a “convicted drug dealer, evil, and violent,” vanished while twelve of his racial compatriots were arrested.

Lastly, in Austria an American liberal living in Vienna was raped and murdered by the African invader she had deliberately hidden in her apartment to prevent him being deported back to Gambia, the Kronen Zeitung newspaper has revealed.

The American student, identified only as Lauren M., was part of an organized group of liberals dedicated to offering accommodation to nonwhite invaders threatened with deportation.

The African, identified as 24-year-old Abdou I., was already on police records after being arrested for a previous sexual offence. At that time, his DNA had been taken, and this provided the crucial clue in the murder of the American student.

The girl, originally from Colorado, had given the nonwhite shelter in her single room apartment located in Vienna’s Wiedner Main Street after he had been advised at the Erdberg “refugee center” that he was going to be deported.

Τhat was it all for this week goys!

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