The Europa Report for the Week Ending June 2nd, 2017

The Europa Report for the Week Ending June 2nd, 2017

For Jayoh De la Rey, Im Trent Holmgren, and this is the Europa Report for the week ending June 2, 2017 – bringing you the latest news regarding the non-white invasion of the European continent.

This summer could prove to be as bad or worse for Europe in terms of raw numbers of non-white invaders onto the European continent.

From NewObserverOnline.

“At least 6.6 million nonwhites pretending to refugees are already waiting to invade the Continent, according to a secret German government report leaked to the Bild newspaper.
They include more than 2.5 million in North Africa waiting to set off by boat—confident in the knowledge that they only have to travel a few miles off the Libyan coast before the European navy and assorted liberal organizations pick them up and transport them all the way to Italy. The numbers also include 3.3 million waiting in Turkey.
What is happening—and what the European liberals are too malicious to admit—is not a “migrant” or “refugee” crisis, but a mass Third World invasion of Europe.”

There are also new jewish plans in place to flood Spain with more nonwhite invaders than it has taken in up to this point.

From Breitbart London

“A third migrant route appears to be opening up across the Mediterranean as the number of migrants landing along Spain’s coastline has tripled this year.

Between January and April 2016, some 1,026 migrants arrived in Europe via Spain. But that number has shot up in the same period of 2017 to more than 3,300, making the Spanish route the fastest growing in the Mediterranean.
Although the proximity to Morocco makes Spain an obvious target – and a historical crossing point for migrants moving northward to Europe – cooperation between the Spanish and Moroccan governments had kept numbers subdued even at the height of the migrant crisis.

The number of migrants arriving in Spain are still low compared to those seen in Italy – which itself has seen a 50 per cent rise on 2016 figures, with in excess of 60,000 arriving so far this year, mostly in Sicily. But the emergence of the new western route just as the eastern route is closing down suggests the migrant crisis is a problem that is not going away soon.”

Further illustrating that the goal on the invasion is the destruction of white Europe and not the salvation of Muslims from war torn areas, a new statistics show Bengladeshis are the second largest group invading Italy, right behind Nigerians.

“Experts estimate that between 50,000 and 80,000 Bangladeshis were working in Libya at the beginning of the civil war that ousted former dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and that only a fraction were able to flee the country in the immediate aftermath, as they struggled to secure resources or state assistance for transportation.
The second and faster-growing group of new arrivals are Bangladeshis who travel to Tripoli via Istanbul or Dubai with the explicit goal of reaching Europe.”

Why they are not being returned to Bangledesh is not explained.

In Austria, where a previous sex attack on a child was excused because the invader rapist could not understand the word “No.” in German, another sex attack has been swept under the rug.

From NewObserverOnline

“A gang rape of a 15-year-old white girl by three nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Austria was deliberately covered up for weeks, and only came to light after DNA evidence finally identified the perpetrators.”

“News of the attack—which occurred on April 15—was broken by Austrian media after being leaked the information, which also revealed that one of the attackers was aged 35—and not the 18 years which he claimed to be and under which he had been given “asylum.”’
“The victim was on her way home and was walking past a container village set up to house the nonwhites, when three of them emerged and chased her down the path.
“Media reported that she tried to run away, but the three refugee-criminals caught her, held her mouth closed, dragged her into a nearby shrubbery, and gang raped her.”

“The authorities kept news of the attack secret for four weeks. During that time, they took DNA samples from 50 of the nonwhites, and were able to identify the criminals.
FPÖ district commissioner Andreas Bors has demanded that the “refugee” camp be closed following the attack, an appeal which is unlikely to be heeded.”

In a bizarre addition to this story in Austria illustrating the inablity of European authorities to identify invaders at their borders,

“Earlier last week, another Syrian invader claiming to be a refugee was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being found guilty of participating in mass murder in Syria.
The invader had come to Austria to claim “asylum,” saying he was “fleeing the war in Syria,” and was living in a refugee shelter in Tyrol.
The invader, who was not named, was tried for war crimes under Austrian law.
The court also ruled that he could not be extradited because his “life could be in danger” if he was sent back to Syria”

More information has been uncovered about the Manchester, UK pop concert bomber and his family. Again, from newobserveronline,

“The bomber, Salman Abedi, was the UK-born son of one Ramadan Abedi, a Libyan who claimed—and was given—asylum in the UK in 1980 by the Conservative Party government under Margaret Thatcher.
Ramadan Abedi claimed to be a “peace-loving” Libyan fleeing “violence” in his home country—but as soon as the Libyan civil war broke out, he lost no time in returning to that country to fight in that conflict. He is, according to some media reports, linked to an Al Qaeda group in Syria, and was arrested by Libyan authorities in Tripoli.”

“Salman Abedi’s brother, Ismail, was one of the first to be arrested by British police following a raid carried out after the bombing. Ismail Abedi was arrested outside a supermarket in south Manchester in a suburb which has been completely overrun by the Third World invasion of Britain.
Hashem Abedi, Salman Abedi’s 20-year-old younger brother, was also arrested in Tripoli, after it was established that he had travelled to Libya from the UK on April 16.
Counter-terror officers in Tripoli have said that he knew all of the details of the attack on the pop concert, and was planning his own terrorist attack.
It has also emerged that Salman Abedi had just returned to the UK from an extensive trip to Libya just before he carried out the Manchester bombing.”

And finally, a report from Sweden, aguably the country worst effected by the muslim invasion of Europe.

From Breitbart London
“Independent Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte has claimed sexual abuse from newly arrived migrants is not only prevalent in schools but that victims are accused of being racist if they speak out.”
“Sweden has had a problem with migrants claiming to be underage, to receive preferential treatment from the government or more lenient sentences after committing crimes, but who have turned out to be adults. A recent report showed that 48 out of 50 recent migrants from Morrocco who had claimed to be underage were actually adults.”
“Lamotte spoke about one school he had visited where migrant sex abuse was prevalent saying: “Young girls tell me they are sexually harassed by newcomer guys both at school and outside of school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have stopped going home by themselves after school. They say they do not take the bus either.”“They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face” from the staff at the schools, he said. Having visited schools every week for over a year and a half, Lamotte said he has seen the same story play out again and again.”

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