Red Pill 101: African-Americans

Red Pill 101: African-Americans

People with the best of intentions created a $22 trillion, 50 year social experiment to promote racial equality. In 2017, Whites and Blacks have never been further apart.

by Gaius Marcius

Welcome to Fash the Nation’s exclusive introduction to the Alt Right! If you were recently disillusioned by Gavin McInnes and his pals, if you are fed up that your MAGA hat provokes verbal (or physical) confrontations in public, or if you just wonder why there are so many smirking green frogs on social media these days, this is the place for you. Red Pill 101 is an ongoing essay series that explains the difference between Alt Right ideas and conservative GOP rhetoric. If you already know why Republicans constantly lose important battles to the Left, share this series with friends and loved ones who don’t want to be trapped in the CNN thought prison anymore.


Are you ready for the notorious 3 AM phone call?

Politicians have it easy; the nightmare crisis that wakes you will not be a far away conflict but a life or death emergency in your own family. No one needs practice telling their kid to leave a wild party or not to drink and drive, so let’s go straight to Olympic level political incorrectness and simulate an awkward situation that becomes more relevant with each passing year.

One fine summer night, a call from your 17 year old daughter wakes you from a deep sleep.

“Dad,” she says, “My car broke down in Detroit. I’m all alone, and I have to walk about a mile to get to Carrie’s house. I found two different routes, but I’m not sure which one to take.”

As your daughter describes her location, you prepare to do some high stakes parenting because you only know one fact about that part of town. Route A takes your daughter through a 95% black neighborhood, and route B takes her through a 95% white neighborhood. So, concerned parent, using only that information what advice do you give your little girl?

All the glib, progressive opinions you parrot at work fade out of your consciousness as you realize that your only child is out in the dark facing the real world. Your daughter’s future does not depend on the good opinion of strangers, so your hesitation lasts only a moment, and you answer her question the same way every other parent in America would answer. Knowing that your advice would offend your friends and might even get you fired if your boss found out about it, you tell your daughter to stay on the phone as she walks so you can explain. After all, you have never really discussed race, and you don’t even know how informed your daughter is on the issue.

“Honey, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea from what I told you. Just because you are safer in a White neighborhood, some racists might infer that African-Americans are dangerous, which is not true. The real problem is that Detroit is run by Democrats, whose policies trap African-Americans in poverty and crime. That’s why Rand Paul’s libertarian plans for more economic freedom will improve minority communities.”

“But Dad, if Leftist policies cause crime and poverty, how come only Black people are affected that way? Last year Carrie and I walked around all night in Seattle, and that white city was perfectly safe. Why don’t Democrat policies make White people poor and prone to crime?”

“Well, some people think that institutions based on White cultural norms have a natural bias against African-Americans. That bias is structural racism. Even fair and equal enforcement of a law based on White customs will disproportionately affect African-Americans negatively. That’s called White privilege.”

“Dad, isn’t libertarianism part of the White political tradition? All of Rand Paul’s policies still exhibit structural racism and White privilege. The only way to end structural racism would be to completely dismantle White society.”

“That’s a pretty pessimistic attitude, kiddo. With the right efforts over time we can all live together as equals. We just have to build on the truths that everyone holds in common.”

“We’ve already spent enough on social programs to fight all the wars in our history 3 times over. If there’s one enemy America can’t defeat, racial inequality is it. I was just talking to Chad about this. He says libertarian policies are the opposite of what Blacks need because the Black community was actually better off under the “White supremacy” of the 1950’s than they are today.”

“African-Americans may have had higher standards of living, safer communities, and more stable families back then, but they did not have equality and freedom. It takes a long time for cultures to assimilate, especially given our history of slavery.”

“Isn’t asking anyone to adapt to a foreign culture another example of structural racism and privilege? Multicultural society has inherent tension because someone always has to give up part of their culture in order to assimilate. Diversity plus proximity equals war. Chad says that White privilege and institutional racism are just polite ways of getting Whites to give up their culture to disguise the fact that many Blacks are genetically incapable of measuring up to the standards of White society.”

“Your boyfriend said that? Honey, you’re dating a racist who hates people for the color of their skin!”

“Right, Dad. I always wondered why Chad won’t let me get a tan in the summer.  He only likes me in the winter while I’m pale.”

“You know what I mean. Chad thinks African-Americans are genetically inferior to Whites.”

Not inferior; otherwise they couldn’t be NBA stars. But Blacks and Whites have adapted different survival strategies over thousands of years that make their cultures incompatible. Mixing groups that are so vastly different ruins opportunity for everyone.”

“We shouldn’t run from those challenges. We need to overcome them by focusing on our unity, not on our differences. The most important thing is that we are all part of one race, the human race.”

“That’s silly, Dad! In real life differences are the most useful way to categorize people. That’s the only reason job interviews, Olympic trials, and military recruitment work. The only time our shared humanity would be the most important factor is during a literal alien invasion from outer space.”

“That’s not a very Christian attitude. Racial separatism is totally unbiblical. Don’t you remember the verse that says, ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile?’ We are supposed to love everyone and treat all races equally.”

“I know God can love anyone regardless of their race, and in heaven we’ll be able to do the same. But read the whole verse, Dad: There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If this is the proof that we are never supposed to treat races differently, then we are never supposed to treat the sexes differently either. The church that is for racial equality based on Galatians 3:28 should also support gay marriage, transgender rights, female pastors, and male breastfeeding.”

“Maybe it’s impossible to treat everyone exactly equally, but you’re talking about going back to a world of segregation and discrimination.”

“A White country with White institutions discriminates just by existing. America has White privilege at its core, and that’s good because you have to privilege one culture above all others in order to have any country at all.”

“But the American ideal is to increase freedom and diversity for everyone, so ethnic separatism is definitely un-American.”

“Dad, by that logic Robert E. Lee was defending American values by trying to keep America multiracial, and Lincoln was un-American because he wanted to make America White by freeing the slaves and then sending them all back to Africa. Lincoln’s plan was so progressive he was 100 years ahead of Black nationalists who want a country of their own where every institution can be designed by Blacks for their exact preferences. Isn’t that the only real solution to White privilege and institutional racism?”

“Are you really suggesting a total racial divide? That would start another civil war. It’s impossible.”

“I’m not advocating for anything but peaceful discussion of the real state of race relations, Dad. But it seems like America is already de facto segregated and already has huge swaths of territory that you are afraid to let me walk through alone. Pretending we can make Blacks and Whites equal citizens is one of the costliest mistakes America has ever made. Would you rather have the whole country become another Detroit? Hey, I just got to Carrie’s. I’ll call you tomorrow, Dad. Love you!”

You hang up the phone, relieved that your daughter is safe but uneasy about your conversation. You had no idea your kid was Alt Right.


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