Red Pill 101: Pornography

Red Pill 101: Pornography

Estimating just how much internet traffic is dedicated to pornography is a rube’s game. But one thing is undeniable: pornography is more pervasive and accessible than at any other point in history, and it’s changing our society.

by Ash Brighton

Porn and Your Brain

Many neuroscientists have discussed the dangers associated with habitual pornography consumption, drawing parallels between its effects and those of drug addiction. Pornography, especially in its modern forms, has a tremendous, multifaceted impact on the brain. The viewing of pornography, especially in males and especially in the form of video, affects the viewer in profound ways. Basically, the powerful, rapid, on-demand, and precise arousal it elicits can exhaust the viewer’s normal sexual response, leading to dysfunction at ages when sexual function should be at its peak. The viewer quickly becomes adjusted to watching other people performing sexual acts, assuming a passive role in the sexual response and release process.

Pornography’s ability to cause impotence has long been hinted at in the magazine Playboy, of all places, but pornography’s ascent to a pervasive medium has brought the issue to the forefront. Urologist Abraham Morgentaler has written about “pornography-induced erectile dysfunction.” Two of the most popular talks in the TED sphere discuss these effects. They are supported by a number of psychologists and doctors who explore the mental and physical effects of porn addiction.

The effects go beyond sex: there is evidence of changes to brain chemistry, with associated cognitive and attention deficits, lowered impulse control, and unhealthy emotional states. Essentially what we have now is a generation of men with blown-out limbic systems who grew up with easy access to a wide variety of pornography, which informed their views on relationships and sexuality and affected their ability to delay gratification and discover their sexuality in a graduated, natural fashion. The typical teenager has likely seen more naked females than his last hundred male progenitors combined. Hence this typical young man is unable to initiate and maintain natural and healthy romantic relationships.  As the linked article describes, girls and women in turn have to bear being looked at in the same way as the multitude of porn performers who ruined any notion of the “feminine mystique.”

Accounts abound of a “slippery slope” phenomenon, where the habitual viewer’s sexual preferences steer towards harmful and unhealthy desires and practices, leading to destructive real-world manifestations of those acquired desires. Having the ability to immediately satisfy particular curiosities or fetishes with a targeted web search leads users to perpetually seek out novelty to satisfy the brain’s greater demands. The era of internet pornography provides abundant examples to supplement the classic warnings; whatever your thoughts on James Dobson, his interview with Ted Bundy is worth reading, just to see a particularly tragic example of this phenomenon.

What You Don’t See

The disgusting truth behind the typical porn shoot, as shown in the video above, is bad enough. But it gets much worse. The porn industry as a whole is riddled with allegations of sex trafficking (even of children), rampant proliferation of disease, and abuse of its performers. As you’ll see in those links, there are numerous first-hand accounts of actresses sedated by drugs before shooting scenes involving extreme or dangerous sex acts. A few porn performers go onto wealth and fame, but most are abused, discarded, and end up diseased, damaged physically and emotionally, and impoverished.

Jewish Domination

“The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” – Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine.

Jews in Europe had a reputation for peddling obscenity and engaging in organized prostitution in the pre-war years. In the United States, the leading man behind taking pornography from shame-inducing contraband to the corner “sex shop” was the Jew Reuben Sturman, who in the decades after World War 2 amplified the production and distribution of pornographic media.  By the time he was finished, pornography had risen from a simple, underground vice to a fetid blossming of all sorts of perversions.

From this intrusion into the popular culture, many brands  popped up, with Jews holding a disproportionate stake and wielding influence. Billion-dollar company Vivid Entertainment is owned by the gay Jewish duo of Bill Asher and Steven Hirsch. Ron Jeremy and James Deen are two of the most well-known male performers. Jacob Frankel  is the man behind the “Girls Gone Wild” brand, Eric Jover owns Ultima DVD. The Glasser family, Nina Hartley, Randy West, Paul Fishbein, Seth Warshavsky, Mal Warub: the list goes on. Jews dominate the industry, and their main nexus is “Silicone Valley” just west of Los Angeles, California.

Porn as a weapon

There is perhaps no vice as universal in its appeal, as quick in its effects and, nowadays, as accessible as porn. It can be consumed without payment, it’s legal, and you don’t even have to leave your house (or put down your phone) to access it. Porn has an immediate and powerful impact on some of the brain’s most primal response pathways and reward centers.

Porn is a powerful way of pacifying male populations and corrupting the moral norms of a society. In the same way drugs of various types are used to suppress urges considered inconvenient to people in authority, porn can do the same in a much more cheap and reliable fashion. E. Michael Jones frequently refers to how Israel broadcasted pornography to Palestenians after occupying the Ramallah region and forced them to stay inside their homes. Similarly, porn flooded Iraq immediately after the US occupation in the wake of the second Gulf War.

What You Can Do

If you consume pornography, stop it now. If anything about the above makes you feel uncomfortable, then remember that even watching “free” porn is supporting it. While there are many sad stories about pornography addictions ruining lives and relationships, there are also abundant examples of people who were able to reverse the harmful effects of porn by cutting it out of their lives.

If you want to quit, you’re not alone. There are support forums, apps, and websites available to help you and provide abundant, evergreen hatefacts to keep your motivation up. In a time when millions of young men are consumed by addictions, advertising yourself as clean will help put you in a higher class on the dating market. Porn is yet another contributor to the societal sickness we’re trying to combat, and freeing yourself from it will provide one more positive example for the millions who are struggling with addiction.


Ash Brighton

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