Did Blacks Build America?

Did Blacks build America? No, they are a burden and always have been.

Did Blacks Build America?

by Yuri Low-Interest-Loanberg

One of the most annoying myths of Weimerica is that African slaves built this country, and White people are forever indebted to them. Leaving aside the simple fact that it is impossible for anyone to build a country as if it were a palace or ship, the notion that Africans played an indispensable role in the formation of modern America is incorrect.

I would like to partially retract my previous statement because Negroes did play an indispensable role in turning America into the most violent country in the developed world and undoubtedly cost us over a trillion dollars in terms of taxes to pay for their numerous welfare programs, prison sentences, and riot clean-up, in addition to completely useless company expenditures on things like affirmative action, “racism” lawsuits, and mandatory sensitivity training. In that regard, Blacks did play a notable role in forming modern America, just not in the way they dream about at night.

Slavery is one of the most inefficient economic models ever dreamed of because it eliminates the need for technological innovation while stagnating wages and job openings for the working poor. Wages for the working poor become stagnated because slavery eliminates all kinds of potential job openings, such as farm laborer, construction worker, servant, ect. The need for technological innovation stops because the cheap labor eliminates the desire for more efficient machines. Even though machines would save the owner a considerable amount of money over time, the bourgeoisie would not want to invest in any machinery because of the heavy up-front cost involved in buying an “iron horse,” compared to the already available labor of the slave. The comparison to the present debate over illegal immigration is noteworthy, especially in the eastern part of my state, The Democratic People’s Republic of Commiefornia.

It is no strange coincidence that the Industrial Revolution took most of human history to happen, and when it did the first areas affected were Britain and the slave-free American north while places like The Confederate States of America, Japan, The Ottoman Empire, Portugal, and Russia were passed over.

One of the most prevalent claims of the anti-White educational system is that America’s total wealth came from slavery.  As demonstrated above, it didn’t, and it seems weird that the Confederacy was poor while the North, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada became rich despite not having any slaves.

The free North was richer than the slave-owning South, but even if that were true, any wealth the antebellum South had was destroyed when the Union invaded. It should not surprise you that those who wish to destroy and demoralize White (real) Americans would conveniently forget Sherman’s March to The Sea, the Anaconda Strategy or the general destruction of the Civil War.

Slavery was abolished in 1863, so the idiotic notion that no building would be standing in America without Blacks is laughable. My house was built after 1863, was yours? The Sears Building, Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building were all built after 1863. They share that commonality with most architecture in America.

The enslaved Blacks were shipped over to America after losing tribal wars to other Africans. Because Africa has always been a primitive dump, that means that the losers sold to us by Middle Easterners living in Europe were even more primitive than their captures and lacked the ability to build anything more complex than mud huts. Knowing this, the slaves had to be shown what to do, how to do it, and had to be carefully monitored to avoid building mistakes and to make sure they were working hard and not being lazy; essentially making them mules.

I hope you enjoy the Holy season of Christmas and the joys of the New Year in the country your European ancestors built, Merry Christmas.

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