The Future of Social Media

Now, social media companies are coming after the Alt Right. Eventually, everyone who doesn’t support the latest social justice craze will be targeted.

The Future of Social Media

by Yuri Low-Interest-Loanberg

Twitter has never made a profit despite being one of the world’s most used sites; if the corporate board had any sense at all, they would quickly find a replacement for Jack Dorsey. Instead it looks like the corporate board and CEO are lining up to serve Anita Sarkeesian because that company is going so far left it would turn Karl Marx into a fascist if he ever were to be reincarnated as a Twitter employee.

As you have undoubtedly heard, by December 18, Anita’s boy toys are going to have a purge of those evil Nazis who say things like “It’s okay to be White,” while keeping all the accounts that openly call for White people to be murdered and raped verified. Get on because that is a free speech social media platform that allows for free and open discussion of ideas and so long as you don’t call for violence, you should be good to go.

Twitter won’t go bankrupt because it has a steady stream of leftist donors “investors” that know they will never see a return on their “investment” to keep the left-wing social media platform going. This shows the power of donating to organizations that support causes you believe in, like FTN. We shouldn’t pretend that being purged from Twitter can’t hurt us—it very well could, and we must troll the tiger so to speak.

Once Twitter bans all the White people who oppose being wiped off the earth, the soy boys will celebrate for a week, maybe two, but after a while they will get bored of having everybody agree with them and purity spiral.

First they came for the Alt Right, and I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t Alt Right. Then they came for Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be called a beta-orbiter. Next they came for the merchant right and the centrists, and I didn’t say anything because I can’t see the difference between them and the Nazis. Then they came for me, and I got suspended for being the wrong kind of trans-positive fat feminist. OY VEY!!!

 The insane standards of today are the only ones that matter, so set up fake lefty accounts to go through old tweets sent by enemies and get people suspended for something they said years ago that is offensive today. Troll lefties into adhering even closer to their strict standards, and get as many normie/non-political accounts suspended as possible. As Taylor Swift has shown, staying neutral isn’t an option. People will leave en masse until Twitter is just camps of fat-positive feminists warring with each other, trying to get each other banned.

As funny as all of that will be, it’s reflective of our highly polarized society where everything is political. Things ranging from the brands you buy, which news you read, which athletics you enjoy, and soon which social media you use are politicized. The fabric of our society is rapidly coming apart. I hope we come out of the other end of this okay because I see a bad moon rising.

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