As Obama Whines About Trump, Chicago Crumbles

His adopted hometown is spiraling out of control, but Obama is more worried about muh Hitler.

As Obama Whines About Trump, Chicago Crumbles

by Tom Shackleford

According to the mainstream media, we’re living in the new Nazi age. They could be anywhere. Be very suspicious of neighbors wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants. Their leader is an orange incarnation of Adolf Hitler. He conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 election from a healthy, highly-competent woman of spotless moral character. To suggest otherwise would require fashioning a tin foil hat and placing it on your head.

At least one person seems to think so, and not surprisingly, he happens to be our former President. For his own self-esteem, Barack Obama has to sincerely believe the MSM’s narratives. It hasn’t bestowed more fawning adulation on anyone else in history. So, if he didn’t accept their BS as truth, he would have to admit to himself that he was nothing more than an affirmative-action puppet. Psychologically, that must be hard to swallow.

There’s ample evidence that he’s not willing to take a single sip. Last week, he wisely compared America to Weimar Germany, noting that under similar conditions to America today, “Adolf Hitler rose to dominate.” He also complemented himself for knowing that “the free press was vital” during his presidency. After comparing his successor to Adolf Hitler, Obama warned that Americans must “pay attention.” Whatever he’s paying attention to, it’s clearly not what’s going on in his “adopted hometown” of Chicago.

The Obama Library

That’s why the most amusing aspect of this incident was the idiotic comments. It was at an event put on by The Economic Club of Chicago. The Southside of Chicago is where the $500 million Obama Presidential Library will be located. It’s also the epicenter of the city’s wanton carnage. Chicago is our nation’s foremost combat zone. So far this year, 643 people have been killed and around 3,426 have been shot. Much of this has happened within the vicinity of the library site. He’s reassured residents that the facility will feature plenty of green space so that they can enjoy a community garden and barbeques. If he cared about their safety, then the place would be as fortified as the US Embassy in Baghdad. At the very least, he’d distribute bulletproof vests. Maybe he doesn’t see a problem at all. Each person who receives a bullet costs an average of $55,000 in initial treatment. Some would argue that stimulates the local economy.

Chicago’s Got Big Money Problems

Only a moron would build a giant monument to his legacy in a city that’s well on its way to becoming the biggest version of Detroit yet seen. Chicago has a set of unsolvable problems beyond the escalating slaughter. Financially, it’s in a very deep hole. The growing sum is comprised of numerous debts and liabilities. They are serviced through a maze of payment and refinancing schemes. It’s been this way for well over a decade. For instance, back in 2008 former Mayor Richard Daley signed over the revenue from city garages and parking meters to a private business group for just $1.15 billio. In return, it gets to collect these revenues for 75 years. Since the deal was signed, fees have doubled. In fiscal year 2015, $156 million was extracted from Chicagoans by the banksters.

If you enjoy self-flagellation, then you might have been perusing the Wall Street Journal last week and come across a story explaining how the helpful folks at Goldman Sachs set up a company to sell $3 billion dollars’ worth of bonds for Chicago. The fact that Chicago must continually take on debt to keep functioning isn’t news at all. However, Chicago debt now essentially enjoys “junk” status. This carries higher interest rates than the new bonds that will be sold by this entity, which are AAA rated. Magic! Their problems are solved. Now all they need to do is keep the city’s burgeoning hordes of little gangbangers alive long enough to become the next generation of engineers and software developers.

Demographics Don’t Bode Well

Chicago is rapidly driving off its productive population. That makes climbing out of the hole impossible. In 2016, over 19,000 departed. Confronted with worsening crime, high taxes, and governmental incompetence, Whites are giving up and leaving. These are the people from  whom the city derives most of its revenue. Such is the sad state of American today. The people who obey the law and make a net contribution to government coffers are not necessarily the same constituency required to win an election. That’s how a place like Chicago can swirl down the drain without any political mechanism to halt the process.

Can They At Least Abate the Slaughter?

By 2021 (assuming the market doesn’t nosedive), the Chicago Police Pension fund will have less than $150 million in assets to cover $928 million in annual payments. Since being vilified and persecuted by Obama’s Justice Department during the BLM madness, Chicago police seem rightly disinterested in doing much to quell the violence. That’s probably why less than 15% of the city’s homicides are ever solved. Besides, Chicago gets pretty cold in the winter. Why would a police officer take the personal safety risk of leaving his vehicle? It’s a better use of his time to look for new jobs on the internet. In the future, the denizens of a smoldering Chicago will look back fondly on the days of peak safety when only 50 people were shot every weekend.

What about educating the kids?

The public school system isn’t any better off than the police department. It must somehow continue functioning while covering enormous pension liabilities and budget deficits, all while servicing its debt. Last summer, it borrowed $500 million at a cost in interest payments of $850 million to be paid out over the next 25 years. Just before that, it took out a $387 million loan to meet immediate pension shortfalls for the mere price of about $70,000 per day in interest. So, in a single summer, the school system alone racked up $887 million in debt.


The city can rest easy under the competent leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This foul-mouthed Jew served as Obama’s first White House chief of staff. He has a long record of doing right by his people. As a young man, he dutifully rendered service to the USA in the First Gulf War by volunteering in the Israeli Defense Force.

Rahm has brilliantly positioned “Chiraq” for a real renaissance by diligently fighting the Trump Administration’s efforts to deport illegal aliens residing within city limits. Trump has shown a nasty habit of pointing out the obvious to those who would rather have nobody notice. This includes the ongoing massacre of Blacks by other Blacks in Chicago. Rahm has responded to Trump’s overtures to send federal help with his characteristic verbal effrontery.

As we all know, Donald J. Trump just ignores verbal insults and never plays a long game to humiliate the people who lobbed them. He’s got his name in giant letters on a tower in downtown Chicago. It seems like he would’ve been inclined to lend a hand to a less belligerent politician. Oh well, Chicago is completely screwed and so is the state of Illinois. They’ll probably be begging for bailouts before 2020. Let’s see how that turns out.

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