Don’t Cry For Burning California

They want to see you suffer.

Don’t Cry For Burning California

by Yuri Low-Interest Loanberg

By now most of you have heard of the deadly California wildfires. In case you haven’t let me fill you in on the important details. Several major fires have ravaged California recently, including the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, the largest in California history. According to a USA Today report, “the Thomas Fire has burned an estimated 281,620 acres — more than 440 square miles — and destroyed more than 1,000 structures.” The total cost of the fires for the year has been estimated at $180 billion. There have been several photos showing different neighborhoods being completely destroyed, and the fires have gotten so bad that several celebrities have had to flee their mansions. This news makes many want to help the people of California, but instead of helping you should be glad that they are suffering.

Consider who all is being affected by the fires. It is illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in America at all, foreigners gleeful at the prospect of replacing the founding stock of America, the hostile media elite, and countless left-wingers who want to destroy everything historic about America, and couldn’t be happier when their right-wing enemies suffer. We know their intentions because the left proudly proclaims their intentions all day everyday on social media, TV, and in the newspapers. There can’t be negotiations with people who see gradually erasing us as an objective.

During Hurricane Harvey, the 2016 Smokey Mountain Wild Fires, and Hurricane Matthew those same people who are now begging for help were mocking the people affected because our domestic enemies assumed that most of the people that were being impacted by those natural disasters were conservative, White Christians. Needless to say the brain dead left was too stupid to realize that most of the people affected in diverse Houston weren’t White and Dixie has a disproportionately high amount of Black people living there. The only help you should send to California is to their Identitarians, any close friends/family you may have out there, and the pets abandoned by their crappy owners.

To give you an anecdotal example which I wish I took a screen shoot of, some lefties were talking about how they seriously wish the government would subsidize fentanyl to get rid of the Trump voters in West Virginia (a cruel reference to the opioid crisis affecting mostly White people). Almost all of the people affected are liberals who think humiliating normal people by forcing them to act against their religious beliefs by catering to sodomy, forcing their daughters to get undressed right next to a cross dressing eunuch, and allowing someone who criminally entered the country to shoot a beautiful woman in the back with a gun stolen from a federal law enforcement officer to walk free is not only acceptable but also funny. Remember that our domestic enemies want us dead, broke, and your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny. If we don’t act like it we are doomed to lose in humiliation.

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