Jews Humiliate Occupied America with Menorah Ceremony

As they have every year since 1979, Jews ritually celebrated their power in front of the White House this December.

Jews Humiliate Occupied America with Menorah Ceremony

by Nathan Karlsen

Christmas is America’s most popular holiday. So why has a menorah been given a special place in front of the White House? The menorah is a symbol of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Clearly this is an important holiday for those of the Jewish faith.

Except that it’s not. Chanukah is a minor holiday celebrating the murder of Jews who had left the reservation, and the campaign against their Syrian oppressors (it must have been terrible to be barred from cutting the tip of your son’s penis off). Chanukah only became a major holiday because Jews felt their children would feel left out while the Gentiles celebrated peace on earth and goodwill to men, so they dusted off one of their blood-soaked holidays to compete.

Because of their limited influence in a Jew-wise America, no one cared too much if a tiny minority (menorah-T) celebrated a holiday that just happened to coincide with Christmas. If Jews felt excluded when President Calvin Coolidge lit the first National Christmas Tree in 1923, no one cared. Legislation was in the works to stop any more of them from coming, in fact.

Fast forward to 1979, and the odd traditions of a tiny religious group had asserted themselves in a big way. Orthodox Jew (((Abraham Shemtov))) decided the capital needed a menorah. When he was denied a permit by the Secretary of the Interior on First Amendment grounds, he called Jimmy Carter’s advisor (((Stu Eizenstat))) who told the Secretary if he didn’t approve the menorah he would have to deny the Christmas tree permit as well. (((Membership))) has its privileges.

In 1982, White America’s favorite national sleeping pill, Ronald Reagan, dubbed it the “National Menorah” making it equivalent to the National Christmas Tree. As Jewish power has grown, so has its height, now thirty feet tall, and generally lit by a Jewish politician (Gary Cohn this year) in what can only be described as a ritualistic cucking of the American people. The gall of a two-percent minority, mostly not even religious, to impose this monstrosity at Christians’ holiest time of year is no accident. It stands as a reminder to anyone paying attention that DC is every bit as occupied as the West Bank.

The saddest part of all this is the supine reaction by America’s Evanjellyfish. While the tribe they once called Christ-killers have subverted their churches, they beg for more while Jews foist interracial marriage, abortion on demand, “gay marriage,” and White self-hatred on the flock in the name of freedom, tolerance, and love while Israel wisely eschews these suicidal policies. At the time of the birth of the Savior, Jews and their Shabbos Goyim celebrate the right to kill unborn gentiles.

It must be a strange sight for Palestinian Christians to witness the reverence their supposed co-religionists in the United States have for the historic enemies of Christ. In fact, many alleged believers cheer the oppression in Gaza and the West Bank as “killing terrorists” or “protecting God’s Chosen people.” Once upon a time, the Chosen were only those who accepted Christ. Now, the fanatical Zio-cucks dream of kicking off Armageddon to spur the return of the Messiah by shilling for the bandit state of Israel. If moving the embassy to Jerusalem speeds up the timetable, that’s something to celebrate!

Don’t try telling them that their beliefs are based in the Jewish-funded Scofield Bible and were unheard of just a few hundred years ago. Don’t try telling them that Christians are spat upon in Israel. Don’t try telling them that Hezbollah has fought to protect Christian communities from Israeli and Saudi-funded Sunni Muslim aggression. “Judeo-Christians” can’t handle the cognitive dissonance.

The very term “Judeo-Christian” is a contradiction. One might as well claim to be an “Islamo-Christian” or, perhaps more accurately, a “Satano-Christian.” Whether you describe yourself as a Christian, cultural Christian, pagan, atheist or agnostic, let’s remember that the subversion of Christendom, which is a symbol of the greatness of Western Civilization and the European race, was gelded by and for the enemies of “the synagogue of Satan.” Perhaps the West will never embrace religious belief in the same way again. Even if this is so, let’s not forget the lessons we can learn from this attack on our heritage. A great man warned us about the perpetrators over two-thousand years ago. It’s no wonder they hate Him. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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