A Suicide Pact, Unless You Can Avoid It

A ragtag caravan of Hondurans and communists is helping America’s long-simmering constitutional crisis boil over.

A Suicide Pact, Unless You Can Avoid It

America’s mobile Constitutional crisis is marching steadily up from Central America. The 2018 migrant caravan is nothing more than a symbol of the real crisis, but it does force MAGA voters to face the immigration disaster that has been going on for decades thanks to the generally permissive attitude of the Left and Right to illegal and legal immigration, respectively. Immigration is itself only the most graphic example of the atrophy of America’s Constitutional order, but the contrast between southern California and southern Indiana has become so undeniable that the 2016 election was a re-litigation of globalist policies the Left thought had been universally accepted in the 1990’s. If the Left had bided their time they could have weathered even 8 years of Trump without too much damage to their cause, but on guns and immigration they are treating America as if it were one big college campus where the SJW mentality reigns supreme. As a result the Trump Presidency may soon change from being a thorn in the side of the administrative state and take on an overtly revolutionary character.

A revolutionary presidency does not consist of arresting foreigner invaders or deploying the military to the border, though the Left will treat such minor procedural acts as harbingers of totalitarianism. Trump’s real revolutionary act is refusing to accept the banana republic status ordained for the United States by globalists. The one great task of this presidency, at which Trump’s success is by no means guaranteed, is to make the federal government function in the interest of the citizens of the historic American nation according to written laws rather than the whims of the Leftist bureaucracy and culture. The Constitution has many problems, but at this point merely getting back to our flawed governing document would be a major achievement.

It is easy to blame the ambiguities and omissions of the Constitution for many of our current problems, but before we can improve the Constitution we must undo the multigenerational shift of power into unwritten agreements among the ruling class. Many new circumstances have been successfully incorporated into the American system, not without violence to the Constitution or the spirit of the founding principles of the country, though we used to at least go through the trouble of amending the Constitution. Politicians now generally leave the official documents alone and work through the federal courts, as they did in the nakedly talmudic Obamacare Supreme Court case. Welfare programs, war-making, and the budget are all run on a haphazard basis. The institutional aspects of America’s decline have largely been kept out of the public eye, but a migrant caravan is just the kind of attention grabbing event needed to expose the contradictions inherent in the modern American system that are obscured in civilian life.

Consider the scope of Clown World’s inanity. A group of foreigners are marching into sovereign territory illegally. The commander-in-chief cannot build a defensive barrier without Congressional approval, though Congress has approved border funding in the past that was never implemented. The National Guard has been unavailable to guard our nation for the past decade and a half because it has been away (unsuccessfully) guarding Afghanistan and Iraq from the Afghan and Iraqi people. Meanwhile, the most populous border state in the U.S. is already half filled by the relatives of the current invading migrants. If state governors do call up the Guard, Leftist activists and lawyers are ready to bring human rights suits, environmental impact reports, and any other frivolous case that will prevent the effective use of the troops. If the governors do not call up the Guard and Trump tries to overrule them, Libertarians will complain about the destruction of liberty, federalism, and small government. If any troops are deployed, all the migrants need is a screen of women and children at the front and a bevy of religious conservatives will argue against any use of force to stop them.

The commander-in-chief is not supposed to use the military to defend the United States. We have, you see, a long tradition of prohibiting domestic law enforcement by the military, which, while admirable, might be more enduring if we did not simultaneously invite our enemies to settle in our territory. If Trump attempts to deploy troops on the Mexican side of the border, Congress would suddenly and uncharacteristically assert their power to declare war—or not. The southern border is not like the laundry list of nations where American troops have deployed at mere hints of unrest. The massive Pentagon budget and militarized police forces are useless when the threat is actually at our own doorstep. The best we can do, assuming the cooperation of the states, is wait for the invaders to break in, arrest them, release most into the U.S.A. with legal status, deport a few, and imprison the rest at taxpayer expense. Even when America ‘wins,’ the American people lose.

The response to the migrant caravan will show just how close to catastrophic failure the American system really is. There have been many premature announcements of America’s collapse, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If columns of invaders do ever just walk right in from Mexico, at that point all bets will be off concerning the function of American government and law enforcement. But social systems do not just give up and die for no reason, and even the most cowardly politicians have a sense of self-preservation. Most congressmen, whatever their opinions on immigration, intuitively understand that they cannot allow a marching caravan to overtly flout U.S. law the way African migrants did in Europe. The migrants sense this too, and seem to be cleverly dividing up to make Trump’s National Guard deployment look like a bellicose overreaction to a minor problem.

There are probably still enough functioning American institutions to ensure that some kind of border security will meet these migrants. But the deeply ingrained political correctness of the military makes it unlikely that the National Guard will be opening fire on illegal border crossers. Mass detentions and incarceration are stopgap measures that can only delay America’s demographic transformation, unless Trump uses this crisis to transfer all immigration cases out of the American courts and into some sort of military tribunal system. This is also a perfect opportunity for Trump to push for aggressive measures against sanctuary cities and states that impede law enforcement. It is time for Trump to openly advocate for the White majority. Every avenue of communication open to the president should be used to counteract the media narrative on immigration and remind voters that Europeans have greater demographic and cultural connections to the United States than Mexicans do. Trump needs to take one step beyond the civic nationalist rhetoric of the GOP and adopt the talking points of Tucker Carlson and Steve King, otherwise the National Guard will have no more sense of purpose than any other government agency that needs to make sure paperwork is filled out correctly. If Trump seizes this opportunity to re-establish rule of law he will have an enduring, revolutionary legacy. Anything less and his presidency will be remembered as a marginally effective historical curiosity.

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