Be Like Tucker

Tucker Carlson showed how White men should react when the Left comes after them.

Be Like Tucker

This week, Tucker Carlson became the latest target of the liberal tattletale mafia. The tactics used against him have become staples of the left in recent years: they comb through their target’s entire history of public comments until they find something that, when it was said, was considered perfectly acceptable and normal, but now, in the current year, is supposed to be grounds for unpersoning.

It is unsurprising that they were able to find a significant amount of such material on Tucker, because he is a normal red-blooded American male. The “offending” comments were made on a shock jock radio show called The Love Sponge over a period of years beginning in 2006. The first “unearthed” comments to emerge were about women:

Did you hear anything outrageous? Me neither. Perhaps the most controversial thing he said was in regard to Warren Jeffs. Though this is tricky and probably unwise water to wade into on air, Tucker’s main claim was obviously true: there is a difference between arranging teenage girls to be married and raping a child. Other than that, he said things that most men would say themselves if they knew they weren’t being recorded. Are we really supposed to pretend that Sarah Palin wasn’t hot and that Paris Hilton wasn’t a whore?

After that, Media Matters continued the smear by releasing another video, this time of Carlson making “racist” comments:

Frankly, I am a little surprised that Tucker used such strong racial language on the air. However, once again, this is something that normal White men say to each other all the time in private. Arabs are generally a barbaric tribe with a low level of intelligence and literacy. Yes, to call them “monkeys” is a stretch, but hyperbole often happens when someone is speaking passionately without worrying about having their life destroyed. This was still possible 13 years ago.

A third video came out later of Carlson using the word “faggot” in a joke:

This exact conversation has taken place millions of times between bros across America. The only reason to be offended by this is if you are offended by normal masculinity.

Which, of course, these people are. The primary reason Carlson is being attacked is that he is the farthest right of any mainstream pundit—they want to deplatfrom him to stop opposition ideas from getting out. However, they also have a deep hatred for White masculinity. The people who orchestrated the attack are cynically using anti-White maleness to destroy Carlson (he accused them of doing as much on his show Monday), but there is a legion of disturbed leftists who are genuinely outraged by his comments. That is the element that Tucker missed in his otherwise terrific monologue. Yes, a lot of this is cynical moral grandstanding, but these people truly do hate him for being a normal White man.

This is why you should never apologize. These people hate him for who he is. There is nothing he could do to stop that. All of his fans like him even more after hearing the comments. The people who hate him couldn’t possibly hate him any more than they already do. The only thing apologizing would accomplish is to drive away Carlson’s supporters and whet the appetite of his haters.

Tucker understands that caving to the mob is the worst thing he could do. That’s why he launched a counter-attack on his Monday show. He called the hit against him an attack on free speech. He also perfectly described the tactics of the outrage mob:

The line ending at 1:00 represents another element of this that is rarely mentioned. Tucker is describing an extortion scheme, by which the victims of the attacks are forced to give money to the very people who are attacking them. This is a tactic commonly used by Jews, who blackmail anyone who criticizes them into donating to any one of the myriad NGOs (ADL, SPLC, HIAS, etc.) they run to further their own interests.

He went on to call out Republicans for kowtowing to the left in these situations and policing their own with the rules given to them by the left. This is absolutely true, and Carlson is the first mainstream figure I’ve heard put the blame on the Republicans as well as the left. The truth is, if the Republicans refused to play by the insane rules set down by the left, they wouldn’t have these problems. Instead, as Tucker pointed out, they have allowed the left to enforce an increasingly absurd cultural paradigm:

This is the true tragedy of the situation. Normal White male behavior is pathologized as racist and evil, while the most perverse and destructive behavior imaginable is normalized and promoted. Tucker Carlson is a hero for calling them out and refusing to play their game.

Jazzhands McFeels

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