Saint Till, The Patron Saint Of Victimhood

Three Ole Miss students convicted of smirking while white in the 2nd degree by court of public opinion.

Saint Till, The Patron Saint Of Victimhood

Another day, another national scandal involving whitey’s racist ways. Three Ole Miss students are accused of being insufficiently respectful of Civil Rights Era icon and recently canonized saint, Emmett Till. The students posed with rifles in front of his memorial while smirking in a way eerily reminiscent of the great Covington Catholic massacre of 2019, where Chief Crying Wolf was brutally looked at in the streets of DC by a 16 year-old white supremacist. Perhaps because Mississippi is a more conservative and refractory state, these young men have not yet been suspended from the university for this defiant act of self-expression, but the university has officially condemned them for daring to think for themselves, and they have been suspended from their fraternity, not to mention nationally shamed. I recently penned an article about how the press uses even the most trivial and benign instances of supposed white racism to terrorize, shame and control the white population. Well, the same totalitarian nonsense is afoot here.

Remember, burning a flag is speech and defecating on Jesus’s face is art, but smirking while holding a rifle in front of an Emmett Till memorial plaque is simply beyond the pale, not to mention a potential federal hate crime. Moreover, if these boys were the ones who actually damaged the plaque, god help them. Remember, many crimes in modern Weimerica are crimes only when the wrong people (whities and righties) commit them. If leftist radicals violently assault random Americans in the street, or are caught on camera defacing public property or tearing down the statues of Confederates, or any racist historical figure for that matter, even Abe Lincoln, no crime has been committed and no punishment is due. Shoot, jury nullification is basically back as far as the crimes of far-left political activist criminals are concerned. On the other hand, if there should be so much as a grass stain on Saint Till’s glistening visage, it is five years in solitary, followed by excommunication for eternity, mayo! The Cultural Marxists guard their false idols more aggressively than Smaug used to guard his ill-begotten treasure. Which makes some sense. After all, it is the myth of Emmett Till’s purity and piety, and much more importantly, the myth of white America’s ruthless hatefulness and inalienable wickedness, that form the moral foundation for the Cultural Marxist regime that has ruled America for the last half-century.

Keep in mind, that photo constitutes self-expression in the truest sense. It is both photography and a symbolic act of resistance against the American ruling class. It is far more an act of speech and self-expression than lying on one’s back and allowing men to take turns humping you. It would be perfectly reasonable to interpret that photo in this way: “you know, this brave new America, where beautiful, impressionable young white women view pornography as just another career, where veterans huddle together in tent cities even though the economy is supposedly booming, where speaking basic sense on immigration policy is considered tantamount to fascism, where young children fondle the false breasts of drag queens during drag queen story hour at the local library, well, maybe we’re not so fond of it, maybe it’s not so great after all.” And honestly, who can blame these young men for feeling that way?

It is no wonder Jussie Smollett faked a hate crime! If he had succeeded in perpetrating that hate hoax, he would likely have had a statue erected to him in Chicago’s Grant Park by 2040. I mean, who doesn’t want his own statue? Now, how Emmett Till is more worthy of a statue or a memorial in his honor than an eminently courageous, impeccably chivalrous, highly cerebral, indisputably great military leader who fought for the wrong side, is frankly beneath my intellect to comprehend.

After all, what did Till ever accomplish? Absolutely nothing of course. But why should that matter? Till became more by dying than he ever was or would have been by living. You see, it was in the 1960’s that America’s national character changed fundamentally, and not just ethnically or legally (that’s true as well). It was in this era, the hallowed Civil Rights Era, that America metamorphized from a nation that prized excellence and achievement above all, into a nation that prized victimhood above all. Victimhood is the highest status attainable in contemporary America, and within the holy victim class Till is the model for all the other students. The more of a freak or a lemming or a helpless victim you are, the more righteous and woke and celebrated will you be in modern America. I mean, just imagine if Till was not only black, but a tranny to boot! He’d probably have his own holiday by now. It would be called Saint Till’s Day, a day when white people would take to the streets to ritually burn effigies of Richard Spencer and flog themselves with rainbow vibrators.

Needless to say, Emmett Till had no known virtues. Other than catcalling (I guess the left isn’t willing to judge all historical persons by contemporary moral standards) a married white woman in the Deep South and pissing off the wrong folks, he did nothing of note. There is every reason to believe that he was nothing more than an arrogant little punk (like most 14 year old boys), but that did not stop the Cultural Marxist revolutionaries of the 1960’s, and the lying press which was behind their revolution completely, from martyrizing him. Till certainly did not deserve to be killed for his impertinence mind you, but he was no hero either. The Cultural Marxists needed a martyr, and Till was as good as any.

By turning Till into a saint, the lying press manufactured an opportunity to effectively put all of white America on trial. That was what the Civil Rights Era was really about, namely making whitey feel greedy and lowly and wicked and guilty so that valuable things could be extracted from him: rights, privileges, money, his safety, his future, his country, his very existence. The social justice, anti-racism schtick was always just a cover for non-white racial self-interest and anti-white racial enmity. The political left is still quite accommodating toward fairly extreme forms of racism so long as non-whites are the ones benefiting or whites are the ones suffering.

Questioning Till’s virtuousness will undoubtedly earn you disdain from the powers that be, but his virtuousness is really here nor there. His victimhood is everything, his virtuousness (or lack thereof) naught. Saint Till is first and last a symbol of how horrible white people are and always will be. Furthermore, there is no question that this vicious anti-white lie about the uniquely evil nature of the white race and its history bore fruit. That seed stuck in the psyche of white America. Too many white Americans still believe that only by destroying themselves can they atone for the crucifixion of Saint Till. The self-doubt and self-hate inculcated into white America during that era nailed whites into a meek, despondent, and suicidal state of seeming permanence. With her heart a gaping wound, all the Cultural Marxists had to do was squeeze. America has been bleeding out ever since.

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