Trump Turned on His Voters—Now No One Wants Him

Trump Turned on His Voters—Now No One Wants Him

The betrayals just keep coming. No wall, no attempt to end to the invasion, no protection against censorship—the failures are well-documented at this point. Trump added to them this week with his response to the recent mass shootings. His new bright ideas are to bring back the federal death penalty specifically to execute Whites and to create red flag gun laws to take firearms away from his voters.

Of the two shootings over the weekend, one has been definitively linked to the violent anti-White terror group Antifa, and the other has been tentatively linked to an anti-immigration manifesto. When Trump says he wants to bring back the death penalty for hate crimes, he is talking only about the second one. Crimes committed against his supporters and racial attacks against White Americans are not considered hate crimes. Virtually any crime committed by a White person against a nonwhite could be considered a hate crime. Trump wants to bring back the death penalty for only one race, and it’s the one he gets almost all of his support from.

The same goes for the red flag laws. They allow people to “flag” individuals who they believe could be a danger if allowed to possess firearms. Now that Washington—including Trump—has arrived at the consensus that White nationalism, in and of itself, is terrorism, who do you think this law will be used against?

White nationalists got Trump elected, and now he is leading the charge toward criminalizing their political views. It is mainstream media and Washington consensus that wanting a White community is terrorism. Your family reunion, your church BBQ—everything you do is an act of terrorism if you don’t have nonwhites looking over your shoulder 24/7. When you get home from work to your White family, you have committed an act of terrorism. Don’t take it from me, take it from Republican senator Tim Scott:

If White nationalism is terrorism, then simply being White is a red flag. If Trump gets his way, there will be an inevitable snowball toward large-scale gun confiscation. Democrats are already saying it doesn’t go far enough.

What about the Left, the people who Trump is trying so desperately to please? Surely, they’re willing to embrace him as he capitulates to their demands and stabs his voters in the back.

Nope. They hate him more than ever.

No matter what he does, they will blame him for the El Paso shooting and conveniently forget the perpetrator and motive behind the Dayton shooting. Even as he attacks innocent White nationalists and gives Antifa a free pass (if he were serious about going after them, now would be the perfect time, wouldn’t it?), the Leftist mob bares down on Trump with a rabid ferocity matched only by the disdain he has for his own voters.

His visit to El Paso on Wednesday was predictably criticized and rejected by Democrat politicians, liberal voters, and the population of that city. His attempt to play anti-White consoler-in-chief rang hollow in the largely Hispanic city.

Hispanics don’t want him. Blacks don’t want him. Liberals don’t want him. And now that he has turned his back on his base, no one wants him.

Jay Lorenz

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